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The following sites have helped me and supported me and I would like to say thanks and ask you to support them in return.  You may also add your site, newsletter or board by one of the following.

Newsletter: Mention a project from the ebook with credit in your newsletter.
CraftSite: Submit a project and add a link to your link page.
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Archive Board Sponsored by  Don't miss the wealth of info on this searchable board. The archiver angels keep it updated. My DSIL's site.  I've known Bridget for 35 years now and this is one crafty lady.  I have some of her crafts and can vouch that her work is always top notch. Emily Carlsten is very creative and shared lots of great ideas so I know her digital collages and editing must be awesome!  Amanda Formaro puts out an online craft magazine that you don't want to miss. She always has something cute and delightful in it as well as great projects on her site. My son's company. I may be partial but he does fantastic work. If you need a website or layouts on business cards or just about anything computer-related, David is your man. Christina's newsletter and site is not only full of wonderful cooking recipes but unique crafting recipes too.  Be sure to sign up.  Theresa has written hundreds of lovely angel poems. Check out the one on Page 80 in the Big Craft Book.  She also does custom poetry. Marilyn and Ken have a wonderful site full of all kinds of unique projects with detailed instructions.  Marilyn also puts out a super newsletter.  They give so much free and I really hope you will feed the duck (small donation) when you visit.  My candle site.  Hopefully this venture will make enough so that I can work fulltime on craft e-books and helping others make money thru the candle program!

The Breast Cancer Site:  Help fund a free mammogram.  Click on "Fund Free Mammograms" (pink window in the middle).  Every click helps!  Wow!  It's amazing what companies give away.  Take a look here for free things from fonts, games and graphics to samples of cleaning supplies, coffee, seasonings and even deodorant! Mary Ann and Kimberly will amaze you with the cake decorating ideas on their site and can fix you up with all the supplies you need.  They also put out a very creative newsletter.

TunesForTots: My 2-year old GS Zachary LOVES hearing his name on his song tape. Hopefully your child's name will be on Diane's list of over 100 names and you can surprise your child too. Join KrafteeKaren and lots of great ladies there!


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