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Knit Baby Shrug

Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Oct 06, 2011 9:22 pm

Date Posted: 19:39:16 09/16/11 Fri
Author: Helen
Subject: knit baby shrug white

I was looking in one of my forums this morning don't remember which one but they showd a white baby shrug. If it was here, did you save the web site? I have spent all day looking for it. I found the designer but she didn't make the white one. Helen

[> Re: knit baby shrug white -- Cougar1, 19:24:38 09/17/11 Sat [1]

I think this is the one you are thinking is done in white at this site: ... ple?page=2

but the pattern is shown in pink:

[> Re: knit baby shrug white -- Helen, 19:51:38 09/17/11 Sat [1]

Thank you Cougar1. That is it. I had found the pattern but the white one the lady showd she had made the cutest flower and put on it and I was wanting the pattern for the flower. I have several flower pattern but I just loved that one.
I appreciate you. Helen
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