Pie Poppers (Refrigerated Pie Crust/Canned Pie Filling)

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Pie Poppers (Refrigerated Pie Crust/Canned Pie Filling)

Postby crafterwannabe » Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:43 am

Author: Sherron
Subject: Pie Poppers

http://www.pillsbury.com//recipes/pie-p ... 91f8a6fb2/

[> Re: Pie Poppers -- Berni, 13:09:53 12/21/11 Wed [1]

Think I am going to try these! I have all the ingredients!

[> Re: Pie Poppers -- Addy, 13:25:49 12/21/11 Wed [1]

These ARE great. I am going to make these too.
Thanks again Sherron

[> Re: Pie Poppers -- KPWog, 16:40:11 12/21/11 Wed [1]

I'm making these for Christmas. TFS

[> Re: Pie Poppers -- crafterwannabe, 19:27:40 12/21/11 Wed [1]

Love this idea - thanks!

[> Re: Pie Poppers -- Judy from GA, 22:04:30 12/21/11 Wed [1]

These look wonderful and I have some pie crusts that I bought and never used as intended. I am always on the lookout for new ideas for dinners that we go to. Thanks for sharing this.
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