Car Seat Blanket Poem

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Car Seat Blanket Poem

Postby Wilma » Tue Nov 13, 2007 6:21 pm

Date Posted: 10:58:02 11/06/07 Tue
Author: Grandma Rose
Subject: Help!!! Car Seat Blanket Poem

I am crocheting blankets with slots to use in baby car seats for my 2 nieces who are expecting any day. Can you creative ladies come up with a poem so they know what the blankets are for? I don't want them to think I've finally gone crazy and can't crochet anymore!!!!

[> Re: Help!!! Car Seat Blanket Poem -- Crafty Me2, 11:37:24 11/06/07 Tue [1]

Hi Grandma Rose,
Perhaps this might be helpful ? ;-)

A crocheted gift for baby that should help a lot,
To be used with the car seat by your tiny tot!
Slide both straps through the blanket slots to firmly ensure...
That it will keep your little one warm, while it stays secure!
© Crafty Me2 2007

[> [> Re: Help!!! Car Seat Blanket Poem -- Grandma Rose, 11:47:15 11/06/07 Tue [1]

Wow! I like it. Thank you so much. Now back to crocheting!

[> [> [> Re: Help!!! Car Seat Blanket Poem -- Crafty Me2, 11:50:43 11/06/07 Tue [1]

Grandma Rose
Thank you for the feedback! Glad it works for you! Hugs and a wink ;-) Crafty Me2
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