baby blanket Instructions (sewing)

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baby blanket Instructions (sewing)

Postby Wilma » Wed Jan 16, 2008 2:00 pm

Date Posted: 14:25:46 01/02/08 Wed
Author: MertVnWV
Subject: Need advice/help with making a baby blanket

Has anyone made baby blankets? If so, please email me. I have some questions about a few things that I need answers for before I buy fabric. I don't do a lot of sewing. Most that I do is repairs, hemming and small craft projects that doesn't require a lot of fancy stitches.
I would appreciate so much if you would help me by emailing me. I can get back with you with my questions.

[> Re: Need advice/help with making a baby blanket -- crafterwannabe, 18:53:04 01/02/08 Wed [1]

Mert, ever since Sherron shared the link shown in the archives, I've had this blanket on my to-do list. It might be more than you want to deal with but I thought you'd like to see it. It's a beginner project. While I like the addition of a decorative stitch, you certainly wouldn't have to use one (although if your machine has a few it's no more work to add one than to use a straight top stitch). I just thought it was so nice that it was two-sided.

[> Re: Need advice/help with making a baby blanket -- MertVnWV, 20:14:45 01/02/08 Wed [1]

Thanks CWB, this looks easy enough!
Marcia, I think this would be something that I could work with. You are welcome to go ahead and give me some pointers in response to my email if you get time. Maybe you could post a picture of one of your blankets sometime.

[> Re: Need advice/help with making a baby blanket -- jtsd1965, 21:57:56 01/02/08 Wed [1]

Mert, i don't know if this is what you want but i will tell you how i make mine, it's real easy.
I take 2 pieces of fabric, 1 1/4 yd each. these are 45 " squares. I now fold them in half, Diag.corner to corner like a tri-angle with the right side folded to the inside of each. lay one on top of the other. sew from one corner to the other, through both folds. Remember, this is the whole trick, you have got to sew through both these pieces while they lay on top of each other, and this connects them. now take the very back fold of each side and open it up. this puts the seam in the middle (this way it won't pucker when washed) now just hem and sew lace on the outside edge, these are large and wonderful blakets.

[> Re: Need advice/help with making a baby blanket -- Huskerfan, 00:28:07 01/03/08 Thu [1]

I also have made alot of blankets and make them approx. 45" square. Even the crochet ones I make bigger as I don't think the little ones are big enough. Good luck. They are really easy.
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