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Birdseed Baby Shower Favor poem

Postby angela » Mon Feb 04, 2008 5:57 am

Date Posted: 13:10:55 01/24/08 Thu
Author: Linda Ohio now GA
Subject: Birdseed Baby Shower Favor poem needed

I have a greatgranddaughter on the way. My daughter, the grandmother, is making little peep rice bag heating pad favors. I want to send little packets of bird seed with a peep/chick/bird topper but need a cute short poem or verse. The only feeble attempt I could make was "Please scatter this bird seed to celebrate the new bundle of joy who will be here soon."

I know you talented poets will come up with something much better. Help! LOL Please. I do have some cute graphics to use, but any you might have I would welcome.

Re: Birdseed Baby Shower Favor poem needed -- ShirleyT, 15:28:42 01/24/08 Thu [1]

Linda, Congratulations! That is such a cute idea and the heating pads make a great keepsake. I'm sure the other poets will be adding something soon. If I can help you with a topper with the graphics on whatever you choose, let me know and I'm happy to try, but some on here are real pros at that! Hugz, Shirley

The stork will soon arrive
at our destination,
so let's let all the birds join
in our celebration.

Please help us as we
scatter about this seed,
because the stork and God
have blessed us indeed!
©2008 ST -

Re: Birdseed Baby Shower Favor poem needed -- Linda Ohio now GA, 17:54:47 01/24/08 Thu [1]

Great poem, Shirley. I plan on saving that one for future use, but I need something shorter this time, as these are just tiny bags, so I need like a 4-liner to fit my little 3 inch topper.

We have one adorable, precious little greatgrandson, and now another grand is having a girl so that will give us one of each. Greatgrandson just turned one year old the first part of this month. "Gigi and Pops" (that's us) got him a DRUM for his first birthday. We are sooooo bad. ROFL

Re: Birdseed Baby Shower Favor poem needed -- ShirleyT, 19:19:58 01/24/08 Thu [1]

Linda, I'd love to help you, but I'm thinking you want something simpler and shorter than this too, but I'll post anyway. I've been racking my brain. I know one of our poets can come up with something for you.

A drum and a one-year old. Yep, you're bad! LOL But I bet he's having fun!


In celebrating our new bundle of joy
please feed our friends, the birds.
We hope this symbol of love and care
says what can't be put into words!
©2008 ST -
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