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Baby Shower Favor Ideas & Poem

Postby mrdcpl » Mon Feb 18, 2008 3:31 pm

Date Posted: 11:49:29 02/06/08 Wed
Author: cjl
Subject: Baby Shower Favors-Help Please

Our church is giving a Grandma Baby Shower for a new grandmother and I am trying to come up with a different favor. I have, in the past, made the cup bootie, baby rattle from tootsie pops, diaper candy cup, lifesaver bottles, lifesaver pacifiers, hershey kiss with baby picture on bottom. I would appreciate any ideas anyone might want to share. I have Googled but didn't find much to make just buy. Thanks for your help.

Re: Baby Shower Favors-Help Please -- Crafty Me2, 15:21:39 02/06/08 Wed [1]

Here are some for you to check out! ;-) CM2 ... 0&ppuser=5 ... -idea.html

Wrap these in netting and fill with candy of choice)

How about making lifesaver covers to wrap around the candy? Perhaps someone on the board can give you a hand! Sample ideas here and more
The decorated cookies looked cute!

Just make the recipe mix for six instead of larger size and bag attach with tag ... Category=4

Clothespin Magnets
Sara Geaslin wrote me about a really terrific idea for a favor she made that is used in a game. It kills two birds with one stone and is such a cute idea. Here's what she said. ... flower.htm ... id=2249&d=

"I am currently planning a baby shower for my best friend's first baby. I have been to a couple of showers and the "don't say baby/bride,groom" game is always a success. I have seen it played with decorated wooden clothespins. The shower guests usually love the clothespins and want to keep them as a momento of the shower; but what do you do with them when you get home? I decorated the clothespins for my friend's shower and they turned out really cute. I painted them in the shower's theme colors and painted the baby's name on it, then attached a pink ribbon rose to the top. I didn't want all my hard work to be wasted and thrown away after the shower; so I attached a magnet to the back of the clothespin. The guests can put the magnet on the fridge after the shower and use it to clip a photo of the baby to the fridge. I thought this was a great idea and needed to be shared with fellow shower planners."

Baby blooms
"For my best friend's baby shower, I gave all of the guests a package of baby's breath seeds in a terra cotta pot decorated with cellophane, bows, and a little bird. Everyone thought they were great and unique — and most were successful in growing the flowers!"
— M. Barber

"For my baby shower, my mom and I bought coffee mugs and a flat of flowers. We put one flower in each of them — like a flower pot. Everyone thought it was the neatest idea!"
— Heather

"My friend and I have made pin cushions out of clean baby food jars. You just need a bit of fabric, some fabric stuffing, and a glue gun. It sticks with the baby theme and is a useful container for straight or safety pins."
— Karen Wivell, Mentor, Ohio

Re: Baby Shower Favors-Help Please -- Bev(meme), 08:30:28 02/07/08 Thu [1]

How bout doing the sour cream containers and putting M&Ms in them or jelly beans. Here is the place to see what I am talking about. ... p?cat=5651

Re: Baby Shower Favors-Help Please -- cjl, 09:41:17 02/07/08 Thu [1]

Thank you Crafty Me2 and Bev. I got some neat ideas for favors from your suggestions as well as the others. I can't wait to get started on some of them. Work sure does get in the way of crafting!

Re: Baby Shower Favors-Help Please -- Julie, 15:33:46 02/07/08 Thu [1]

It's hard to come op with differtn ideas that we haven't seen a bunch of times already....

The shower i helped with be did Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Sticks. Dipped the Pretle Rod abt 1/2 way in Milk chocolte then dreizzled with the blue colored "white" chocolte melts. (we knew it was a baby boy on the way.)
We wrapped 3 Pretzles in a long narrow bag & tied with blue & white yarn yarn.
You could also do this with licorice sticks. There is a counry store near me that has licorice sticks in all difernt flavores ( the watermellon & strawberry are pink, the blueberry & oneother on are blue & the vanilla & coconut are white.)

Re: Baby Shower Favors-Help Please -- birdhousebonnie, 11:17:38 02/08/08 Fri [1]

cjl, Do you have a picture of the rattles made from tootsie pops? Bonnie

Re: Baby Shower Favors-Help Please -- cjl, 12:36:15 02/08/08 Fri [1]

Sorry, I don't. What I did was cut a circle of cloth, put on the tootsie pop and tied with a tiny ribbon. I then took a chennile stem and made a circle or loop and put on the end of the stick and wrapped the ends around the stick up to the sucker part. I hope this helps. I need to start keeping at least one of my favors for patterns.
I do appreciate everyones help.

Re: Baby Shower Favors-Help Please -- * Crafty Sue *, 12:07:55 02/06/08 Wed [1]

Here are a few links that have some good ideas: ... pots.shtml scroll down to see picture here.

http://www.creative-baby-shower-ideas.c ... avors.html


Re: Baby Shower Favors-Help Please -- amber2925, 12:37:28 02/06/08 Wed [1]

I made my favors for my baby shower and they were very easy. I got pink votive candles and put them in a votive holder. I wrapped the whole thing in tulle and attached one of these poems with a thin white ribbon.

Here's a candle for you to light,
Once the stork has made its flight.
With the flicker of the flame,
Say a prayer in the baby's name.

A little candle for you to light,
Once the stork has made its flight.
The flame will glow to celebrate,
Baby _______'s arrival date.

This is a gift for you today,
So when I'm born you'll light my way.
And when that happy day is here,
Burn this candle and spread good cheer.

Here is a candle for you today,
to light when baby is here to stay.
When you light it's flickering flame
Say a prayer in baby's name.

There was not any author attached to the poems but here is the site for reference

Re: Baby Shower Favors-Help Please -- cjl, 14:01:23 02/06/08 Wed [1]

Thanks so much for your replies. I will check them out when I get home. I also, love the poem
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