Idea: Include Jelly with Altered Label as Baby Shower Prizes

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Idea: Include Jelly with Altered Label as Baby Shower Prizes

Postby Kitty62 » Fri Mar 14, 2008 4:43 am

Date Posted: 02:13:55 03/02/08 Sun
Author: Amanda
Subject: Need Ideas For A Label

I don't know if everyone show the post that I did to Lori Jean or not, so I will try to explain what I am looking for. I am wanting to include the jelly jars that Lori Jean told about in her cheap but thoughtful Christmas gifts list. I am wanting to do this for a baby shower instead of Christmas though. These jelly jars will be part of a goodies basket that will given away as prizes for the baby shower games. Lori Jean said that she would make me a label if I could get some help with what to put on the label. I just can't think of anything cute for these jars, do you ladies have any ideas? {please....pretty please}

If you need to see the jelly jars and information to get a better idea of what I am talking about, the following link is to Lori Jean's great website and it explains it:

Thanks ladies!!!

[> Re: Need Ideas For A Label -- Amanda, 03:40:41 03/03/08 Mon [1]

Va, thank you for the suggestions but I was looking more for just a name for the jelly. Still hugs for taking the time to help. Amanda

Lori Jean, I'm going to send this to you in an email but that that I would post it here as well incase anyone else was interested. I have been stressing myself out trying to think of a name for the jelly jar labels. Tonight I have searched their the archives for about three hours hoping to find something, anything that would help. I found a post by Crafty Me 2 where she listed suggestions to use in of the suggestions was "Sweet Beginnings". What you do think if the jelly was called "Sweet Beginnings Jelly" ? I think that it would be cute, of course maybe the ladies here on the board could think of something better but I just can't get my mind to work enough to think of anything.

[> Re: Need Ideas For A Label -- Craftmaster, 11:02:48 03/03/08 Mon [1]

How about "Ten Perfect Toes Jam"'s bad!!!

[> Re: Need Ideas For A Label -- va, 06:17:22 03/02/08 Sun [1]

Sorry...all I can think of is
'Start spreading the news.....
We're having a _____'
LOL va

[> Re: Need Ideas For A Label -- evitalouise, 19:29:50 03/03/08 Mon [1]

Hi Amanda,
How about:

"Spread" the news today,
a bundle of joy is coming our way!!

I can make my own labels, but they sometimes get messed up
when I try to send them.

This would be cute with a border and a baby eating jelly bread with the jelly slopped all over him/her, or just a baby and the saying.
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