pattern bib with sleeves

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pattern bib with sleeves

Postby angela » Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:07 pm

Date Posted: 10:01:29 03/10/08 Mon
Author: Ruby Vt
Subject: Does anyone know of a pattern

For a bib that also has coverings for the arms,my GGD goes to day care and as a normal child,her arms get in her food so she goes like that till she gets home,Thanks for any info.Ruby Vt

Re: Does anyone know of a pattern -- KPWog, 10:59:40 03/10/08 Mon [1]

Here are some sites to check out. ... eeves.html


Re: Does anyone know of a pattern -- fayew, 13:09:46 03/10/08 Mon [1]

Check this site out. ... -patterns/
Posted: 03:37:32 03/14/08 Fri
Author: KrafteeKaren ()
Subject: Ruby Childs Bib with Sleeves Pattern Links

Ladies....Faye was having problems posting links for the Cute Bib with Sleeves Pattern and I told her I would post if for those that are having problems getting them: ... ldsbib.jpg ... dsbib2.jpg ... dsbib3.jpg ... dsbib4.jpg ... dsbib5.jpg ... dsbib6.jpg

[> Re: Ruby Childs Bib with Sleeves Pattern Links -- Nancy In Mo., 12:08:52 03/14/08 Fri [1]

I wanted to share what my son's school does. They take a long sleeve t-shirt and cut it down the back. Then they sew around the neck to make a tie. They use it for all ages during art projects. It is a quick cheap way to keep the students clean. This can come in handy for the little ones that want to finger paint! Nancy in MO.
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