Pictures/Instructions: KrafteeKaren's Diaper Wreath/Cake

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Pictures/Instructions: KrafteeKaren's Diaper Wreath/Cake

Postby Kitty62 » Thu Apr 24, 2008 8:22 pm

Date Posted: 21:43:35 04/08/08 Tue
Author: KrafteeKaren
Subject: What Do You All Think???

Our DD is having her first baby (our first grand-daughter) in June and I've been making all sorts of things for the baby shower coming up May 10th. Most everything is done but I still have a few more things to do and tons (it seems) to tweak before the shower.
I just finished up a Baby Wreath and a Diaper Cake for the baby shower and wanted all of you to take a peek at it and give me your thoughts.
Thanks for peeking.

Diaper Wreath ... es022a.jpg

Diaper Cake ... es015a.jpg

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Judy from GA, 21:46:15 04/08/08 Tue [1]

Beautiful!!! And I love the "slight" references to "Grandma"!! You have done a wonderful job on these!!

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Lulu, 22:02:21 04/08/08 Tue [1]

Both projects are very impressive and must have been terribly time-consuming. I can't imagine how you do all the things you do. One small project sometimes takes me days, especially if I have a deadline. Thanks for sharing the pics.

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Cathy in MT, 22:10:56 04/08/08 Tue [1]

Very beautiful and time consuming. I know your DD will love it...take lots of pics so when hte baby gets older she will be able to see how much her Grandma really loves her even before she was born. The bib is darling and the sentiment is one tht msot Grandmas would agree with. It was true in my case. Most nos turned into yeses when Grandparemts were asked! Cathy

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- SarahC, 22:15:47 04/08/08 Tue [1]

Karen-Both projects are beautiful! Great work! SarahC

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Cuz, 22:17:33 04/08/08 Tue [1]

Very nice! Wish I had known about these when my girls were having babies. You did a great job gramma!!!! You're going to have soooooooo much fun with that new granddaughter.

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Annie~B, 22:23:32 04/08/08 Tue [1]

Wow, Karen!! What an amazing job you have done with everything. I love both the wreath and the cake....and, of course...that bib is just the "icing on the cake", lol! No only are you showing what a devoted Grandma you are going to be; but, what a great crafter you are too!

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Tona, 23:18:40 04/08/08 Tue [1]

You have done a beautiful job, Karen. You have a very lucky daughter and "almost here" granddaughter.

[> [> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Sharon S, 23:35:38 04/08/08 Tue [1]

Wow Karen these are great. Thank you for showing us. Love the bibs can I ask where you got them?

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Carol Klee, 23:45:30 04/08/08 Tue [1]

Karen, What a terrific talent you have. These are beautiful. I love the Grandma bibs.

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- SandraTN, 23:46:18 04/08/08 Tue [1]

I really love the wreath and it is so colorful. I love the diaper cake also, but would probably have left the artificial flowers off (just MHO). The bibs are TOO cute! Great job and I am sure your DD will love everything you are making.

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- crafterwannabe, 23:49:56 04/08/08 Tue [1]

Great job - your DD will love them!

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Kitty, 00:03:01 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Very nice. Looks like alot of work. I think your daughter will love them both. Kitty

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Jackie, 00:05:15 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Awesome! You do beautiful work..maybe you can drop a few hints on how to put it together... :)

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- HDMac, 00:17:35 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Karen, they are gorgeous. Your dd and dgd are so blessed to have you. :) You are going to be such a wonderful grammie!!!!!
You are so truly talented. Thanks for sharing what you have been making!

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- KrafteeKaren, 00:42:37 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Thanks are all very sweet. Honestly they aren't as hard as I thought they were, that was why I pretty much left them to the last few things to do. We are planning on 30 for the shower, so I have made 30 Gum Wrappers, 30 Snack Size Hershey Bars, 30 Large Hershey Bars, 30 Microwave Popcorn Wrappers, 30 Candle Boxes (with poem), 30 Tootsie Pop Boxes, 30 Magnets, 60 Nugget Wrappers and 30 Tall Boxes for everything to go into. Then I have made enough game sheets for 30, which includes How Big Is She? (we will measure DD at the shower to see how big she is and who ever guesses the closes gets a prize), Word Unscramble, Children Lyric Game, My Water Broke (every one gets an ice cube with a plastic baby in it and when it melts they get a packet of flower seeds with a poem attached), Cotton Ball Game (guess how many Cotton Ball's are in a container), Clothes Pin Game (painted 30 wooden clothes pins and put pink plastic safety pins on them), Baby Names, and Bingo Cards. Designed the invitations so that they look like baby bibs and made 30 name tags. Plus made 1 large and 3 small flower arrangements out of clay pots to go on the gift table.
For 6 of the 12 game prizes I designed magnetic sheeting to go around blank gallon paint cans and will put all sorts of things inside of them. We also found 6 wooden crates that will be stained and varnished that we will be putting different things in also.
The only thing left to do other than just tweaking things, sending out invitations, and making her Labor Socks is making a bank out of the Starbuck Carton with the glass bottles. Thought it would be a cute idea to put Dresses, Dollies, Diapers, Doctors on each of the bottles and have them on the gift table at the shower. The kids don't have a lot and are struggling to come up what they can before Allison Rose is born.
Now you all know what I have been doing while I have been having to keep my feet up for swelling huh? I'm hoping that by next week I can get back to sewing because I have 6 shirts to make and 5 pairs of Capri's for DD before she gets too big for the pattern, lol.
Thanks again for taking a peek. I'll take pictures of the boxes with the favors in and out of them and the flower pot arrangements so that you can see them too.

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- DEBinOK (Amazed), 01:22:13 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Ok not worried about you anymore LOL You are absolutely amazing with your talent. Those are gorgeous. I am so happy to see that you have taking care of you and in the mean time taking care of what appears to be alot of beautiful crafts for your DD who I know will be so very proud and pleased with your work. Not to mention the new baby granddaughter. God bless DEBinOK

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- * Crafty Sue *, 02:08:57 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Great job Karen! You'll be a Wonderful Granma.
There's so much love put into those projects, your daughter will be so happy and proud of you too.

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Doreen, 02:28:39 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Gosh Karen those are gorgeous! Great job, now we know what you have been up to : )
You are totally amazing and I am sure your DD and your GD will be ever so proud of you.
Keep having fun and take care of yourself.
Blessings and Hugs,

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Diana in CO, 05:31:35 04/09/08 Wed [1]

I love both of them. You did a great job. Your grandbaby is going to be very lucky to be born into your family, because we can see that you are going to be a wonderful grandmother! Blessings, Diana in CO

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- katieangelamber, 06:42:19 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Every thing that you have made for the shower is terrific! Autumn is so lucky to have you for a mom! Allison Rose will be one happy and loved little girl! Hugs, katieangelamber

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Misha Wright, 06:57:04 04/09/08 Wed [1]

I think they are beautiful. Great Job.

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- califncsun, 09:32:57 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Those are beautiful! You did a terrific job. You sure have been busy.
Can you share how you made the wreath?
TYFS - stephanie

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Linda Ohio now GA, 09:45:55 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Karen, both of your projects are adorable and your daughter will love them. You are really into this "grandma" thing. Isn't it fun? I'm so happy for you.

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- BizzyBee, 10:24:56 04/09/08 Wed [1]

They are both gorgeous, Karen! I think you are a wonderful mother and I know you are going to be a wonderful grandmother too... How lucky for your DD to have a Mom who puts so much thought into her shower!

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Sharlet, 10:50:35 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Those are beautiful. I like the Grandma things too!

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Frankie, 10:59:44 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Gee Karen, I wish you were my mom. Both the wreath and cake are adorable. And, all that you've been making for the shower, you are amazing! Not too many moms that I know would do all that. You're daughter is very blessed to have you and your little granddaughter will just love you to pieces. You deserve every happiness because of your giving spirit.
God bless. Frankie

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Huskerfan, 11:06:25 04/09/08 Wed [1]

You did a wonderful job. I love the grandma bibs also. You will have such fun with the little grandbaby also. Linda

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- angela, 11:41:13 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Hi Karen. The pictures are great! I do have a question. I have never made a diaper wreath before. How do you keep the diapers on there? I see the recieving blankets are all tied with ribbon then too? So there's no glue holding anything?
Those are just really neat. Maybe I've just been out of the country too long but I never seen that before.
Great job!!!!!!!!

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- KPWog, 11:59:41 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Those are just beautiful Karen. You did a fantastic job. Bet you can't wait to hold that little bundle.LOL

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Darla, 12:20:47 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Wow!!! You have been one busy lady. Your daughter is blessed to have such a talanted and loving mom. I loved your wreath and cake. I can't wait to see the pics of the flower arrangements and prize boxes and crates. It sounds like you have everything covered. Thanks for sharing. And I'm glad to know your feeling better. Keep those feet up. Darla

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- KrafteeKaren, 13:16:20 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Thanks again Ladies....not sure that I will be very good and writing directions to the Diaper Wreath but will try.

Instructions - Diaper Wreath
I bought a 14" wire wreath at Michaels (I think it was $3.00 maybe $4.00 and it was back in the floral section hanging up). Since everything needs to be used after the shower or should be used afterwards I tied everything on the wreath. The diapers came pre-folded in half so I just put them where the top of the diaper was at the top of the wreath, then tied them in the middle with paper ribbon, make sure that the ribbon is long enough so that you can tie things to them after you get the diapers all on the wreath. It took 24 diapers to go all the way around the 14" wire wreath. Then I started at the bottom and tied on the bib, took the ribbon that was on the diapers in that area and pulled them through the opening of the bib and tied the Onesie to the bib. Then I added something to each side of that and so on until I was at the top of the wreath. I sort of cheated, lol....most of the stuff on the wreath and the cake was things that we have been buying for Allison ever since DD found out she was pregnant. SIL's Mom is helping with the expense on all of this but hasn't had a chance to send me more money, so I used what we had. When she comes through then I'll go get Allison other things that she needs that she didn't get at the shower.

Email me if you get stuck, I'll help what I can. Thanks again for peeking.

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- M♥ther Hen <><, 13:25:35 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Now that's what you call

" The Work Of A PROUD Grama "

You did yourself Happy and us ones also !!!!
Bless you all.
Mother Hen <><

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- califncsun, 14:16:52 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Thank you for posting directions. Love them both. I told DD about the wreath, she said to print it out. She works at a school and it seems everyone is having babies. TYFS

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- asjmom, 15:31:13 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Those are too cute! You did a wonderful job and I couldn't miss the references to GRANDMA!!!! Your DD and GD are very lucky to have such a special Mom/Grandma. Can't wait to see more pictures. Hugs, Debbie

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Lisa, 15:36:29 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Cute.....Cute.....Cute!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. Little Allison is one lucky baby girl! Hugs, Lisa

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- ~~ Carolyn E ~~, 16:09:25 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Karen oh so cute you did a great job I love that saying on the cake No Means Ask Grandma. Where did you find the bib at Karen or did you make it? Would love to buy one.
~~ Hugs to you ~~ Carolyn E

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Diane (from Pa), 16:37:28 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Great job on everything. The shower will be wonderful for DD.
Take care of those legs.
Hugs, Diane

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- KrafteeKaren, 20:50:11 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Carolyn...I got the bib in a group of bibs at Walmart. I thought it was adorable so grabbed the set. I'll look if you want me to the next time I am at our local store if they have any more.

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- angela, 22:54:59 04/09/08 Wed [1]

Thanks Karen for posting directions. From just looking at the pict. it looks really difficult but from your directions, I understood much better.
Wish I could go to the shower!!!!!!!

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Caboobie, 03:53:10 04/10/08 Thu [1]

Well done, great work and I want to come to the party lol
We don't have baby showers in UK, wish they did as this would have been something I would have enjoyed doing.

Love the bibs, I opted to be called Granny (with a Y lol) but it's really difficult to find anything with that on. Did see one little babygro but it was pink and I needed blue.

Sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun and I can see Allison Rose is going to be one spoilt baby, but then again what else are we Grandmas supposed to do lol

Looking forward to seeing the other things you have made

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Mary S, 07:56:21 04/10/08 Thu [1]

Oh my Karen! These are darling. My DD saw the pics last night and wants you to adopt her or at least be a great-aunt or something. She is only 16, plans on kids in about 8-10 years, but says you can never plan too A friend of hers is having a shower in a couple of weeks. She wants to try making the wreath for her. Thank You so much for sharing. Your DD and DGD are truly loved!

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Bev(nearlycrafty), 08:53:18 04/10/08 Thu [1]

These are truly adorable. This is a project that I found I could do and I made the diaper wreath and the diaper cake for my very first Great-grandson. I didn't wrap them but used them on the gift table and cake table for decorations. Everyone loved them.

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- lilpeach, 10:04:34 04/10/08 Thu [1]

Wow! Karen you are so talented. I love both the wreath and the cake, absolutley beautiful. Wish you were my mom too, then again you are much too young to be my mom. Great job Karen!

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Mert, 10:27:34 04/10/08 Thu [1]

One talented grandma! Great job!

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- Lori Jean, 19:30:35 04/10/08 Thu [1]

You did a beautiful job! I know your daughter will be thrilled beyond words to receive them! :o) You need to keep these pics and sell start selling them on Etsy or Ebay.
Lori Jean :o)

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- MaryLee, 19:45:12 04/10/08 Thu [1]

You are amazing ! You're daughter will just love everything you have done for the shower.

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- carmelita, 23:25:46 04/11/08 Fri [1]

What a lot of love and labor that went into these lovely crafts!!!
When is the shower again? I forgot.

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- KrafteeKaren, 02:30:01 04/13/08 Sun [1]

Carmen....the shower is the 10th of May, which is right around the corner. Thanks for all the game ideas that you sent to help with the shower, if it wasn't for you I would still be doing other things. As I would make things I would mark them off my master list and the way it looks I only have her Labor Socks to make, which I will do today since I can't do much more than that. Then I'll get everything together and take pictures of the rest of it so you all can see it.

[> Re: What Do You All Think??? -- shilo, 08:45:33 04/13/08 Sun [1]

Wow Karen you did a beautiful job.
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