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Postby krafteekaren » Mon Aug 23, 2004 12:20 am

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Postby krafteekaren » Mon Aug 23, 2004 12:23 am

A Collection of Baby Shower Games

1. Estimate Size of the Mother-to-be Waist Game

Pass around a ball of string and a pair of scissors. Each party member cuts off apiece of string guessing the length to fit around t he Mother's middle. Mom tries on each string. The person with the closest length wins a prize. Meanwhile, Mom gets to show off her proud tummy! Great for coed baby showers! Some showers use toilet paper instead of string. Ribbon would work well, too.

2.Baby Questions

Pass out note cards and pencils to each attendee. Each person writes a common baby question such as "What do you do when a baby cries?" or "How do you get a baby to sleep through the night?" Then collect the cards and redistribute them face down (so you cannot see the question) and have each attendee write the answer to their initial question on the blank side. Then read the cards and get ready to laugh!

For example, you could have a card with a question "How do you know you have folded a cloth diaper correctly?" on one side and the answer "When you get your first smile" on the other.

3. Balloon Carry

Place two laundry baskets across the room from each other, one with about 10 party balloons. Divide guests into two teams. Each member of the team puts a balloon between her knees and waddles across the room placing the balloon in the other laundry basket without touching the balloon with their hands. (Shaking, wiggling and hopping over the basket to free the balloon are all allowed!) The balloons get staticy so this can be tricky. After the attendee gets his/her balloon in the basket or drop it on the floor, he/she runs back and t he next team member goes. Two teams can go at the same time with four baskets or one team at a time. Whichever team gets the most balloons in the basket within a certain time frame wins. This game is good for belly grabbing laughter especially if mom-to-be gets an honorary turn.

Another version using the clothes pin and milk bottle instead. Yes, the clothes pin still goes between the knees!

4. Clothes Pin Grab

Two attendees to hold a long cord (meant to resemble a clothes line), with numerous clothes pins attached. Everyone has to try with ONE hand to get as many clothes pins off while still holding them in your ONE hand. As soon as you drop one you are out and that one does not count.

5. Cotton Ball Games

Pass around a jar of Vaseline and tell everyone to take as much as he/she needs. When everyone has some on his/her finger, tell them to cover their nose with it! The objective of the game is to get as many cotton balls from a big bowl to the floor in 60 seconds only using the Vaseline covered nose. The attendee with the most balls on the floor wins(balls on the nose do not count).

Hint: To get the balls off the nose, shake your head or blow on the balls. Most likely, laughing will not make them come off!

Another game is feeding cotton balls to a baby made out of a shoe box. Amy made her baby by taking a shoe box and cutting a crescent (or oval) in it to be an open mouth, and draw eyes and nose on with a marker. She even gave hers dimples and a pipe-cleaner curl that stuck up out of the top. Then, using a bowl of cotton balls and a serving spoon or other pretty big heavy spoon, let the blind folded attendee try to feed the baby (held by an opponent who is free to make the baby wiggle and squirm). The guest who manages to feed the most cotton balls to the "baby" wins. Of course, if the baby is "wiggling" you may not even need to use a blindfold to make it fun.

A third game is a cotton ball transfer. Get two large bowls and fill one up with cotton balls. The attendee is blind folded and tries with a heavy metal spoon or ladle to try and get as many cotton balls from one bowl to the other. It's actually very hard because all you feel is the weight of the spoon! The attendee who gets the most cotton balls into the other bowl wins.

6. Dirty Diapers

Fold white napkins or cloth into little diapers and close with small diaper bin. Hand one out to each attendee when he/she arrives. At the end of the party, each attendee opens his/her diaper and t he one with the brown "poop" spot wins a prize. Cynthia suggests that you use an unwrapped Hershey's chocolate kiss for the "poop." Great idea!

Before the party: Take ten disposable diapers (number doesn't matter) and number the outside from one to ten. Then smear the inside of each with some smelly food item (i.e. tuna, horseradish, Italian dressing, garlic, mustard) Close each diaper up.

To play: Pass out paper and pens. Each diaper is then passed around for the players to smell. The one with the most correct guesses wins! Stephanie played this at her shower and got some great pictures of people holding up the smelly diapers to their nose.

In this version, the guesses try to determine what candy bar Daddy let the baby have last night while Mom was out! Melt 8 different candy bars (Snickers, Butterfinger, Three Musketeers, Baby Ruth, etc.) in the microware in 8different diapers. Hint: do not melt the chocolate too much, just enough for it to soften and then smear it inside the diaper. Make sure the host/hostess numbers each diaper and tracks which chocolate bar when in it. The guest with the most correct guesses wins.

7. Name Poem with Advice

If you already have a name picked out, have the attendees make a poem with the letters of the name. For example if the first letter is N, the tip could be "Never pull on daddy's mustache." The next letter could be E and the tip could be "Eat all your veggies!"

8. Baby Expression

Create a sheet of four to six baby pictures (from magazines, mother-to-be photo album, family albums, etc.). Make photocopies of the sheet to each guest. The guest registry to create funny captions of what they think the baby is trying to say!

9. Dress the Baby - Lots of versions!

The idea is to dress a doll just like you would a real baby. Get a doll about the size of a baby and clothing to dress them up in. Include a cloth diaper, rubber pants, socks or booties, t-shirt, pants and shirt for a boy, dress for a girl, bonnet, etc. Give a 2 minute time limit to see who can dress the baby the fastest without being harmful to this make believe child. The attendee who gets the most clothes on the baby wins. Funny!

Great for coed showers! You will need a doll, a cloth diaper, two diaper pins, and two "volunteers" for each attempt. The more participants the better. Once you have the two volunteers, the rules are you can only have two hands between you to pin the diaper on as neatly as possible. One uses his/her left hand only and the other must use his/her right hand. Remaining hands must be kept behind their back. Attendees judge the volunteers who did the best job. Jane says the funniest part is watching them open the safety pins!

Another version using balloons instead of dolls. The attendees had t o blow up the balloons and dress them with the markers, ribbons, kerchiefs, etc. provided by the hostess. Everyone votes for the best looking "baby" !

Yet another version: diapering the baby (or large teddy bear) with a cloth diaper with two blindfolded participants.

10. Feed the Baby

Have the guests divide up into teams of 2, one is be the MOTHER the other is to be the BABY, give each team a baby bottle filled with a preferred beverage; remember to cut the nipple hole a little larger; the BABY sits in MOTHER'S lap and is fed t he bottle. The team who finishes the bottle first wins the prize! Very funny, especially if you decide to use a soft drink as the beverage.

11. Pin the Diaper on the Baby

A variation on pin the tail on the donkey. Instead of pins, use tape, and die-cuts of diapers. Attendees try to tape them, blindfolded, on to a picture of a baby. Closest diaper to the right spot wins a prize. Suggested by April. Great for coed showers!

New variation - Pin the bottle on the baby. Same idea as above, but use a picture of a bottle with a nipple. Margie used number bottles and after the

12. Baby Draw

Have the attendees draw a picture of a baby. But instead of holding the paper on their laps, they have to put the paper on their heads! Use a paper plate or magazine under the paper to ease the drawing. The guest of honor picks the one she likes best or most resembles a baby. Funny!

13. Multi-tasking Mama

Two people hold a clothesline, while each attendee takes a turn hanging up baby clothes. The trick is that they have to hang the clothes while holding the baby and talking on a cordless phone! The one who can hang the most clothes in one minute wins.

14. Kiss My Baby

This game is for small showers with close friends. The mom-to-be is seated in the center of everyone. The host goes to each of the guest with a doll and t ells them this is the mom-to-be baby. The host then tells them to hold her baby, talk to it, hug it and most important give it a kiss anywhere they want checks, hand, foot, etc. After every one has kissed her baby the host tells everyone wherever they kissed the baby they have to kiss Mom-to-be. Be sure to have your camera ready!

15. My Water Broke

The participants race to a finish line (where there is someone dressed like a doctor) with a water filled balloon between there legs. The one who hasn't broken their water balloon wins! The <st1:City><st1:place>Davis</st1:place></st1:City> family found this game fun!<
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Dec 31, 2004 10:50 am

Baby Shower Game

Date Posted: 10:22:27 12/24/04 Fri
Author: Kelly
Subject: Baby Shower HELP!

Merry Christmas Ladies!

I am hoping that you talented and creative ladies can help me. I am hosting a baby shower in a few weeks and I really want to have this game ready to play. The game is used with colored lunch sacks. ( I have pink) Each sack has a letter on it so that when all put next to each other, it spells out BABY SHOWER. The object of the game is for the players to guess what is inside each sack and the hint is that the contents are related to baby. The person who has the most correct answers wins a prize and the contents of the bags goes to the Mommy-to-be. Here is what I have so far and I really don't like some of them:

B - bib or bottle
A - apple juice or applesauce
B - bonnet or brush
Y- ??????? (yellow rubber ducky?)

S - shampoo
H - hat or hairbrush
O - oil
W - wipes or washclothes
E - ?????? (emery board for nails?)
R - ??????

As you can tell from my list, I really need help. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thank you in advance.

[> Re: Baby Shower HELP! -- ~Cutie Holly-Tinsel~, 10:45:28 12/24/04 Fri [1]

R- Rattle

[> Re: Baby Shower HELP! -- katieangelamber, 10:46:06 12/24/04 Fri [1]

R- recieving blanket
O-onesie (type of baby clothing)
E- ear cleaner? booger cleaner
A- air freshener for diapers
R-room monitor
R-rash ointment

Think of brand names for diapers and see if one will fit. EX. If you need a P you could use Pampers
Hope this helps you a little

[> Re: Baby Shower HELP! -- miel, 11:33:08 12/24/04 Fri [1]

D: Diaper

[> Re: Baby Shower HELP! -- jenjoy, 13:04:11 12/24/04 Fri [1]

Have you just gone to all the baby sections and looked for ideas? Look at the baby food jars and include some of those for the hard to find letters (like Y -yams)

Baby Shower
B- booties,bubbles, banana baby food, bonnet, bunting, binky, baby powder, bows, basinet, bisquits for teething, blocks, books, stroller, blankie,
A-apple cobbler baby food, angel,
R-rubber pants,rocking chair (will it fit in the bag!hehe),
S-sleeper, safety plugs, swabbing sticks, socks, safety pins, Safety First products,
Y- Yams baby food,
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Apr 15, 2005 3:57 pm

Baby Shower Games & Ideas

Date Posted: 07:58:57 02/17/05 Thu
Author: Jodi
Subject: A balloon pop shower game saying needed

I remember seeing a game at a shower years ago where you have to pop a baloon to get the piece of paper out. I just don't remember what the piece of paper was. A saying? I wanted to incorporate it into a baby shower I'm throwing for 70 people. Because there will be so many people I thought this would be a fast easy game. Can anyone think of how to make this into a game where they can just grab one and get the paper out? If anyone has any other quick fun games to play I'm open to all of your suggestions! I will be doing the don't say baby game and the dirty diaper under the chair. Thanks once again for your help in another project!

[> Re: A balloon pop shower game saying needed -- jacksmum, 21:46:24 02/17/05 Thu [1]
Hi Jodi
Found these and more at:

Hope it helps
Sue :)

Balloon pop/action
Write different actions on several small pieces of paper (such as eat a jar of baby food, or drink soda from a baby bottle). Insert the papers inside a balloon, and then inflate the balloon and tie. Have guests pop the balloons by sitting on them then complete the challenges inside. If you would like to make teams, have one person pop the balloon and the other person perform the action. You may time the guests to determine a winner.

Stuff your shirt
Award a prize to the person who can fit the most balloons under their shirt (don't blow the balloons up too full for this or you might not get many people fitting more than one).

Pregnant belly races
After having guests stuff their shirts, as mentioned above, have them race around the yard while not letting any balloons fall out.

Bottle bowling -
Set up 10 baby bottles in a triangle shape starting with 1 in the front (might work best in a hallway type area). Give guests a tennis ball or other small ball, and have them try to knock down all 10 "pins". Person with the best score wins.

Always a party hit! Write down baby themed actions (such as changing a diaper, burping baby, baby's first doctor visit) on small pieces of paper. Fold and put in a hat. Have guests take turns drawing an action out of the hat, then trying to act them out appropriately. You can play in teams if having a couples shower, or simply award points to the people who guess correctly.

Time capsule
Instruct guests to bring an item to the shower for baby's time capsule. Have guests write a letter, and place their item in the time capsule, then put away for safekeeping until baby is older.

[> Re: A balloon pop shower game saying needed -- Jodi, 22:54:12 02/17/05 Thu [1]

Thanks to all of you, you were all so helpful! I'm so excited about throwing this shower! ;) Thanks!

[> Re: A balloon pop shower game saying needed -- Jill D from PA, 08:20:59 02/17/05 Thu [1]
Hi Jodi,
Never heard of the Pop the balloon game, but when I've given baby showers, I would fill a clear baby bottle with blue and pink candies, and have everyone guess how many candies were in the bottle, prize for the one who gets the closet.
Also while we were waiting for the "guest of honor" to arrive, I passed around a blank book for everyone to write a note to the new mother. Some of the notes in the book were quite touching, and others were quite funny with some of the advise given to the new mother. You can personalize the book with photos, etc. If could become a keepsake for the Mom to Be.
Jill D from PA

[> Re: A balloon pop shower game saying needed -- Michelle, 09:44:46 02/17/05 Thu [1]

A game I always have a baby showers is where you take some baby items put them either on a cookie sheet or a clear bowl pass it around and them hide it and have them write down what was in the box.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Apr 15, 2005 4:02 pm

Date Posted: 07:41:13 04/07/05 Thu
Author: Rickie
Subject: Baby Shower Games

Wanted to share a couple cute games we played at a baby shower for my daughter.

#1 Guess the Kind of Crushed Candy Bar in Diapers
Take baby disposable diapers, we had 10 of them, and crush 10 different candy bars one each for each diaper, then pass them around to see if the guests can guess what kind of candy it was. Each diaper was numbered and we had to write down our guess. The person with the most right guesses won a prize.
We all had a good laugh!!

#2 Guess How Round Mom to Be is Using Yarn
Cut a piece a yarn to guess how big around you think the mom to be is. After everyone had cut their yarn, the mom to be has to go to each person and put the yarn around her to see who was the closest...
I had never played those to games. It was fun and everyone had a good laugh....
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri May 06, 2005 5:43 pm

Baby Shower Game - My Water Broke!

Date Posted: 15:06:55 04/30/05 Sat
Author: jODI


[> Re: ARCHIVE HELP- MELT THE ICE CUBE BABY. BABY SHOWER GAME -- Cutsie, 15:26:15 04/30/05 Sat [1]

Baby Shower Game - My Water Broke!
We used this game at my daughter's baby shower. We bought the small plastic babies and froze them in an ice cube. When we were ready to play, we took out the ice cubes. To be fair to all involved, the dixie cups with the frozen babies in them were passed out at the same time. Continue with the shower and when one of the guest's ice cube fully melts, she is to yell "MY WATER BROKE!!" Be careful because some ladies liked to "induce the birth" by blowing into the cup after drinking something hot. The rules: no blowing on them, no putting hot water in them, no tampering with them......just let them melt in the cup naturally.
The game was a great success.

[> Re: ARCHIVE HELP- MELT THE ICE CUBE BABY. BABY SHOWER GAME -- MertVnWV, 16:05:09 04/30/05 Sat [1]

Sounds like fun.
Where did you find the plastic babies?

[> Re: ARCHIVE HELP- MELT THE ICE CUBE BABY. BABY SHOWER GAME -- Cutsie, 16:17:22 04/30/05 Sat [1]

I found them at a local craft store--they are the harder plastic one with the baby laying on its back with its legs and arms up.

[> Re: ARCHIVE HELP- MELT THE ICE CUBE BABY. BABY SHOWER GAME -- MertVnWV, 16:29:17 04/30/05 Sat [1]

I will definately do this game at our next baby shower. The ladies group at our church hosts showers for our church and we are always looking for new games.
Gonna get me some of those plastic babies!


THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[> Re: ARCHIVE HELP- MELT THE ICE CUBE BABY. BABY SHOWER GAME -- Cutsie, 22:17:02 04/30/05 Sat [1]

Hi Jodi,
The rules: no blowing on them, no putting hot water in them, no tampering with them......just let them melt in the cup naturally.
Good luck with the shower and calm down---everything will turn out fine......just remember to enjoy yourself too.


Enjoy myself? That thought never crossed my mind. THANKS for your help, I know it will be fine. HUGZ

[> [> Re: ARCHIVE HELP- MELT THE ICE CUBE BABY. BABY SHOWER GAME -- Cutsie, 22:54:25 04/30/05 Sat [1]

Hi Jodi,
If you have time tomorrow, let me know how the shower went. either post on board or email me
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Sep 30, 2005 5:50 pm

Ideas: Diaper Raffle Game & Gift Basket Raffle

Date Posted: 18:35:46 09/24/05 Sat
Author: Terri
Subject: OT: Diaper raffle

My niece is having a baby shower next month. Along with the invitation was a card stating that I am to bring a box of newborn diapers for the diaper raffle. My sister got a card asking for toddler size. I figure this is a way to get lots of diapers in different sizes, but does anyone have an idea about the "raffle" part??

[> Re: OT: Diaper raffle -- jacksmum, 18:40:26 09/24/05 Sat [1]

Hi Terri
Hope this helps
Sue :)

Diaper Raffle: This game will need to be planned ahead so that guests know to bring a package of diapers if they choose to participate: On the invitation or along with the invitation write something like:

To add a little extra glee
And help the parents-to-be
Please bring a little extra from the heart
An unwrapped pack of diapers
To give them a good start

Guests need only participate if they choose to. But when guests arrive, if they have brought a package of diapers, give them half of a "ticket" with a number on both halves. At the end of the shower (or whenever you choose) have the mother-to-be draw a number from a hat or bowl. Whoever has that number on their half of the ticket is the winner. This prize should be a bit nicer than other prizes as diapers are quite pricey.

Info found here:

[> Re: OT: Diaper raffle -- Terri, 03:35:01 09/25/05 Sun [1]

Thanks Sue!!!! It has been several years since I have been to a baby shower and we had only played the traditional games. It seems the people I have asked about haven't heards of it either.

[> Re: OT: Diaper raffle -- PattyWV, 10:08:28 09/25/05 Sun [1]

Terri,I had'nt heard of a diaper raffle before.
We did a basket raffle for my DIL's shower.
Filled a pretty basket of assorted items candles,lotions,
decorative items,seasonal ect.Added a big bow,and sold raffle tickets for $1.00 each.
Mixed them up and had a guest to draw the winning ticket.
All money went to the mother to be for whatever she may still need.It worked out very well.
Sold about $75.00 in tickets.
Planning to do another basket raffle for my daughter(Tina) when we do her shower.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Mar 08, 2006 12:01 pm

Link: Baby Shower Games

Date Posted: 23:52:52 02/22/06 Wed
Author: Kaydee
Subject: Baby and Wedding Shower games

Baby Shower games:
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Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Jun 29, 2006 12:10 am

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Date Posted: 16:53:01 06/18/06 Sun
Author: Amanda F
Subject: O/T.....Any Baby Shower Game Ideas?

I have searched and searched the internet for new baby shower games that I haven't used in the past but can't find anything. I did a baby shower on the 10th of this month and used the baby showers games that I always remember:

the dirty diaper
guess how many in a jar
how big is mommy's waist
clothes line with baby
draw the baby's picture
matching up baby photos
advice cards

Now, I am needing some new baby shower games because I am doing a baby shower in three weeks for my niece. This is her second child and since it will be basically the same guests as with the first child {two years ago}, I really don't want to repeat the games. So, any new suggestions would be great. Thanks for everything.

[> Re: O/T.....Any Baby Shower Game Ideas? -- Jesslynn, 19:11:04 06/18/06 Sun [1]

I have played guess the baby food. Unwrap different baby food and make everyone taste/smell to guess what it is. I can't remember any more right now but if I think of any more I will post.

[> Re: O/T.....Any Baby Shower Game Ideas? -- Rickie, 19:14:09 06/18/06 Sun [1]

At my daughters baby shower, they took several disposable diapers, and in each one ground up a different kind of candy bar. You could sniff only and then try to guess what kind of candy bar. Person with the most guesses won a small prize. Lots of fun and laughter with it.

[> Re: O/T.....Any Baby Shower Game Ideas? -- Fran, 06:18:44 06/19/06 Mon [1]

Safety Pins in Rice
Place tiny brass safety pins in a bowl of rice. Take turns blind folding people and see how many pins they can pull out in a minute. It's harder than it looks!
Pass The Present Game
The hostess starts with a gift which was wrapped numerous times with many layers of different colored paper. This game is played like musical chairs. When the music starts, the hostess passes the gift around the room. Every time the music stops, whoever has the gift removes a layer of wrapping paper. When the music restarts, the present gets passed around again. This continues until the last layer is removed, and the person holding the present gets to keep it.
Baby Draw
Have the attendees draw a picture of a baby. But instead of holding the paper on their laps, they have to put the paper on their heads! Use a paper plate or magazine under the paper to ease the drawing. The guest of honor picks the one she likes best or most resembles a baby. Funny!
There is more games on the web just type in Baby shower games and you be surprised what you can come up with.

[> Re: O/T.....Any Baby Shower Game Ideas? -- Deb from Pa, 06:46:12 06/19/06 Mon [1]

How about Baby Bingo.......make up the cards using names of items of gifts the baby receives.....make all cards different.....then as the parents open the gifts, you get to cross it off your bingo card and the first bingo wins a gift! example....if she opens a pack of diapers, you get to cross off diapers if it is on your card......
just make up a card with empty squares, and have the person fill in the blanks with the items they think the parents will receive as gifts, then play bingo with that card............middle square is free

[> Re: O/T.....Any Baby Shower Game Ideas? -- Amanda F, 23:51:26 06/19/06 Mon [1]

Thank you to everyone for the great ideas. I think that we are going to go with a baby word scramble, seeing how many words can be made out the words: baby bottle or something like that. We are also hoping to use something along the lines of the oldest baby there, the largest baby weight there, etc..... The oldest baby will be a wonderful woman who is in her 80's and never misses a shower, wedding, birthday, etc... I think that I might win the largest baby there so I'm not going to play in that game. I know that I would probably win if it was for who's birth set a record. My twin and I weighed 17 pounds together when we was born in 1973 and that's a record for twins in the county that we was born in that has never been broke. Anyway, I plan on using several of the ideas shared here on the board as well. Thank you to everyone.
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