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Postby krafteekaren » Sun Aug 29, 2004 10:35 pm

Note: See Instructions for another bonnet at the bottom of this post:


Date Posted: 18:39:58 05/24/04 Mon
Author: Kris
Subject: Handkerchief Baptism Bonnet

I used to have a pattern to turn a ladies hankerchief into a baptism bonnet for a baby. The idea was that when the baby grew up and got married, the hankerchief could be carried in the bridal bouquet. There was poem that went along with it also. My computer died a couple of months ago and I lost everything I've saved for the last several years. I am soooo lost! Does anybody know where I can find these instructions again? My twin granddaughters will be baptised next month and I have two handkerchiefs that were my grandmothers to use. If any of you have any ideas I will be most grateful! TIA!!


[> Re: Handkerchief Baptism Bonnet -- Kris, 13:52:27 05/25/04 Tue [1]

Thank you both! These are even better than the instructions that I had before. Thank you again for taking the time to help me - you are greatly appreciated! Kris

[> Re: Handkerchief Baptism Bonnet -- Judy, 19:00:34 05/24/04 Mon [1]

Scroll Down
Link deleted - no longer valid.

This site has what you are looking for. I made these for my twin grandchildren two years ago and have been making them for everyone since. They are a really big hit. I did not have special hankies to use, but used the men's white dress hankies. Good luck!!
Date Posted: 20:47:42 03/18/04 Thu
Author: Janet Wildeboer
Subject: hankie hat for baby

Need the peom that goes with baby bonnet made from a hankie


[> Re: hankie hat for baby -- Dolores, 21:59:09 03/18/04 Thu [1]

I don't know if this is what you want but I printed this out quite some time ago thinking I would make the bonnet.

I'm just a little handkerchief,
Quite square as you can see.
But with a stitch or two they made
A bonnet out of me.

I'll be worn home from the hospital
Or on the christening day;
Then neatly pressed and folded
I'll be carefully packed away.

On her wedding day a bride must have,
Traditionally something old...
Good Luck, good health and happiness
It brings her so I'm told.

Then what could be more pleasant
Than to unpack little me
To snip a stitch or two and find
Her handkerchief I'll be.

And if I'm first worn by a boy
He'll surely someday wed;
Then he can give his lovely bride
The hanky once worn on his head
Date Posted: 07:59:37 06/28/03 Sat
Author: Barbara Gray
Subject: Heirloom bonnet

I am trying to locate the pattern for a heirloom baby bonnet made from a hanky. Any ideas?


[> Re: Heirloom bonnet -- me, 08:10:21 06/28/03 Sat [1]

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Date Posted: 14:04:40 05/16/03 Fri
Author: Jamie
Subject: Hankey in Bonnet Directions???

Does anyone have direction for sewing a hanky into a baby bonnet? I need this asap.
Thanks for your help!


[> Re: Hankey in Bonnet Directions??? -- Ann, 20:41:13 05/16/03 Fri [1]

Try these.

Archiver's Note: Links provided were no longer valid but we are adding some we found in a search. cb 8/09

http://adventuresofanartisan.wordpress. ... %E2%80%9D/

[> Re: Hankey in Bonnet Directions??? -- Karen, 21:36:41 05/16/03 Fri [1]

I will try to explain how I do mine.....I'm not too good at writing directions.....

Fold a square hankie in half with the right sides together. Hand stitch a seam down the middle, then fold it back over itself. Then I fold down the top corner and hand stitch (to the seamed side) with a bow and a couple of pearls. Then on the "front" edge of the bonnet, I sew a ribbon adding beads at each stitch, leaving "tails" of ribbon on both sides to use as the ties.

Then I put the poem that says:

The Magic Hankie

I'm just a little hankie,
As square as square can be.
But with a stitch or two,
She made a bonnet out of me.

I'll be worn home from the hospital,
Or on the Christening Day.
Then, I'll be carefully pressed,
And neatly packed away.

On her wedding day,
So we've been told.
Every "well-dressed" bride,
Must wear "something old".

And what would be more fitting,
Than to unpack little me.
A stitch or two removed,
And a wedding hankie I will be.

But if, perchance, it is a boy,
Someday he'll surely wed.
Then to his bride, he can present,
The hankie once worn on his head.

If this is clear as mud, feel free to ask questions and maybe I can help further.
Karen P.

[> Re: Hankey in Bonnet Directions??? -- gingergirl, 14:10:39 05/16/03 Fri [1]

I'm not at home but has the instructions for this, just look under free instructions.
Blessing Bonnet Poem for Down's Syndrone Baby
Date Posted: 15:19:48 05/14/04 Fri
Author: Judy
Subject: Need Help Quickly

Following is the poem that goes with a Blessing Bonnett made out of a man's hankercheif. I make these for all around who have new babies. Now I have a problem. A family who lives near me has a new baby, but unfortunately the baby is downs syndrome. I would still like to give the baby a bonnett, but it seems cruel to give the poem that goes with the bonnett as the baby has more problems that pretty much insures no chance of marriage in later life.

Is there anyone out there who could change the poem or even make a new one to go with the bonnett so that I could give one to these people. The mother speaks very little English, but the Spanish teacher at our school says she will translate the poem into Spanish for me.

Thanks for any help. (poem follows)


I am just a little hankie, as square as can be;
but with a stitch or two, they've made a bonnet out of me.
I'll be worn home from the hospital, and on special days,
and then I'll be carefully pressed and neatly packed away.
Then on the Wedding, I have been told,
every well dressed Bride
must have something old.
So what would be more fitting than to find Little Old Me,
a few stitches snipped and a Wedding Handkerchief I Will Be!
And if per chance, it is a boy, someday he still will Wed.
So to his Bride he can present
the "Magic Handkerchief"
once worn upon his head.


[> Re: Need Help Quickly -- jenjoy, 17:22:52 05/14/04 Fri [1]

I hope this will help you...

A special blessing bonnet
I'm giving now to you
Made out of a sweet hankie
With a stitch or two

Place it on the baby's head
When you leave for home
And know the blessing covers her
No matter where you roam

Later if you choose to
Snip the little threads
You can frame the hanky
And hang it by her bed

The blessing will continue
To cover her each day
Whether she is fast asleep
Or running out to play!
© Jennifer Byerly

[> [> Re: Need Help Quickly -- Judy, 18:22:21 05/14/04 Fri [1]
Thank you so much for the poem. It is really beautiful and I think the parents will like it too!! I have so much to be thankful for--healthy children of my own, and then all the good friends I have, and that includes you who are so willing to help everyone with everything.
Thanks again.

[> Re: Need Help Quickly -- Caboobie, 17:47:17 05/14/04 Fri [1]
That is so lovely Jennifer I bet Judy just loves it.
Date Posted: 11:04:31 04/28/05 Thu
Author: Lisa Dillard
Subject: Handkerchief crafts

Does anyone have any crafts you make out of a man's white handkerchief?

[> Re: Handkerchief crafts -- wilma, 12:02:49 04/28/05 Thu [1]

I make the baby bonnet/ christening hat use for wedding when baby marries. If I know the family really well I give the bride or groom a handkerchief to carry or use during the wedding, then ask for it back to use for the bonnet. I have been able to swap a new one for one that belongs to the grandfather. That way , I feel, the bonnet already has a little family history.
I have several patterens If you will give me a few days to find them.I will send you the link to the one Carol Duval has. ok- I don't know how to do that. Go to, choose carol duval show episoide # 1209 and it is the shoe box, but has detail instructions with a poem.

[> Re: Handkerchief crafts -- Caboobie, 13:00:55 04/28/05 Thu [1]

Baby bonnet from a hankie ... 91,00.html

[> Re: Handkerchief crafts -- Claudia, 17:22:22 04/28/05 Thu [1]

Hankerchief angels are sweet. I believe that Joan(Utah) has posted these instructions today. She used a man's hankerchief, but you can adjust the pattern and make a smaller one with a ladies hankerchief. Those instructions are listed under Pillowcase Doll Pattern.

Also, they make beautiful quilt blocks, or are lovely framed and hung on the wall in groups.

Maybe this will help. (((((Hugs)))) Claudia

[> Re: Handkerchief crafts -- Donna L., 18:58:19 04/29/05 Fri [1]

about 10 or 11 years ago, I made a turkey and a pumpkin out of mens white hankies. I learned these techniques a a seminar I attended. I have directions somewhere and will try to find them over the week end. I know it uses a 5-6 inch styro ball. Will get back to this after week end, if anyone is interested. Donna L.

[> Re: Handkerchief crafts -- Mother Hen, 12:21:50 04/30/05 Sat [1]
This is a Bunny foldsite.

I have a beautiful "Hanky Gift Card By Vi Lawrence"
It is a PDF file and I can't seem to bring up the web site from the Craft Creations Magazine.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:37 am

Tutorial: Hanky Baby Bonnet

Date Posted: 17:50:25 03/09/10 Tue
Author: Sherron
Subject: Hanky Baby Hat Tutorial ... -this.html
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Postby crafterwannabe » Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:41 am

Tutorial: Hankie to Baby Bonnet

Date Posted: 08:58:40 08/02/10 Mon
Author: shilo
Subject: Sew a pretty hanky hat for baby ... g-Tutorial
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Postby crafterwannabe » Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:42 pm

Vintage Hankie Baby Bonnet Tutorial

Date Posted: 08:50:31 09/16/11 Fri
Author: shilo
Subject: Beautiful baby hankie bonnet ... by-bonnet/
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