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Postby krafteekaren » Sun Aug 29, 2004 10:38 pm

Date Posted: 16:08:01 03/22/04 Mon
Author: Patti
Subject: Washcloth Lollipops

Does anyone know where I could find directions for making the washcloth lollipops?

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- BarbS, 08:19:53 03/23/04 Tue [1]

They are a great idea. Would be cute if there was a poem to go along with it. Would look cute in a basket by a sink. Even to take it a step futher, it you'd be able to find some small soap (like hotel bars) or liquid soap in a small package that you can put in the back of the "lollipop" (soap and a washcloth). Would be great to send off with a child to camp or if they're going off to grandma's.

Anyone have a poem or verse idea for this?

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- nancyjo, 16:11:09 03/25/04 Thu [1]

Would love to have directions for lollipops washclothes.
can anyone help also need ideals for items to make for church bazzar that is quick and sales well!

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- lin, 19:42:39 03/23/04 Tue [1]

How do you suppose that the stick is attached without gluing?

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- CrazeeMoi, 15:30:15 03/24/04 Wed [1]

OK.... I just looked at the site I posted...they used cotton balls. Maybe they didnt glue the stick since it is wrapped in celephane and tied.

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- betty, 15:51:01 03/24/04 Wed [1]

yes I used two way tape to put it on the stick, and I put a rubber band to hold it together, now I think I'll either use basket wrap or netting, but I need a poem for it real bad. oh yes I put a bath bead in the middle.
thank you

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- BarbS, 16:18:35 03/24/04 Wed [1]

I took out some wash cloths and started to play. What I did was rolled the washcloth from one corner to the other (like you do for booboo bunnies). Then after it was rolled, I started at one corner and just wrapped it around and around to make a circle (I didn't put anything in the middle)and laid it on the stick. Took a 7x7" piece of cellophane and wrapped it over to stick and washcloth, gathered tight at the bottom and tied it off with curling ribbon. Didn't use glue or a rubberband although with the first attempt, it did unravel because I couldn't hold that and the stick and the cellophane all at the same time. The idea of bath bead in the middle is a great idea or even one of those flower shaped soaps if you can find them now. I used a baby washcloth but if you use a real washcloth, you could probably get away with a hotel size bar of soap in the back.

I think a poem is definately needed for this. I really stink at poems but all I can come up with is something like "This is not a treat to eat, but really something to help you smell sweet"......ok, it's bad but it's the only one out there so far....(ok, too much chocolate and coffee for me today, I really need to cut back!!! lol)

These really look cute. Would be a great idea to make up as a baby shower centerpiece and add it with some of those roses made out of baby socks (not sure how to do those but I've seen them. Believe they're on the same site as indicated for the lollipops too).

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- arla, 08:07:07 03/26/04 Fri [1]

>the pic i enclosed to patti i don't know how to post pics here from an email jpeg that i have sent to myself and then put into folders on my computer so that's why i send emails if the person provides an email address....but the center showed a cottonball as the center center. and they used the little mini baby washclothes. i don't make mine this way. what i do is take two different colored washclothes i buy the 18 pack at walmart i fold one in half then start rolling it up then wrap it around my finger and hold it in place with a piece of tape tohold it together while i roll and wrap the other one around it. (pati forgot to tell you that i remove the tape after i have other one rolled up then on the last one that you wrap around make like a upside down u shape with the two edges sticking out then is how i secure them i take curly ribbon and secure them then put my lolipop stick in underneath the curly ribbon on the back and wrap with saran wrap.and use another peice of curly ribbon ontop of the saran wrap. i have one made up and can share will ask hubby to take pic if someone can tell me how to post pic. then below is the two poems that were created... the first one would be if you wanted to put hershey hugs and kisses as the center instead of a cotton ball or like what i do wrap it tight enough in the circle.

Tho too young for a lollipop
this is for fun in the tub,
and the treat is for mom
after baby's rub a dub dub!

Lollipops made for the
So mommy can give baby
a good scrub...
When baby gets older,
he/she can have candy,
But right now, these
washcloths will come
in handy....

i can't remember whom wrote this one anyone?

hope this helps...
the lolipop sticks are the tongue depressers in pack of 50 i got mine at hobby lobby.

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- Darlene, 20:41:39 03/23/04 Tue [1]

Wow..these are great...Could I have the instructions too?
I love them they are so cute...I like the idea of the small guest soap in the middle...they would make lovely gifts.

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- rhoseyt, 16:15:54 03/27/04 Sat [1]

I made a version of these. So here is my try at the instructions.

package of baby washcloths (the shower color was purple, so i ended up buying adult cloths in purple)
craft sticks
cotton balls
spool of thread (something that size round)
hot glue gun (i used straight pins and double stick tape because the person i made them for would tear them apart and use the cloths. others said they would keep them as decorations and not use them, so you never know)
1. I rolled the cloth up into a snake diagonally. this made the middle thicker than the ends.
2. I then started wrapping the cloth around the spool of thread.
3. Once I was at the end of the Cloth, i pinned the end down. (you can hot glue, if you want).
4. I then pulled the spool of thread out and put in a cotton ball. This made the center look like it was creme filled, like a danish.
5. I then used double stick tape to stick the circle to the craft stick. I put two cloths on one stick back to back, so you wouldn't see the stick on the back side.
6. I then used the colored glad wrap and a piece of ribbon to finish them off.

I arranged them in an oversized coffee mug filled with florist foam and shredded paper. The coffee mug said "now you are a MOM!!!". I used the florist foam so they would stand up on their own.

I hope this will give you enough to go on....

Date Posted: 16:10:49 03/28/04 Sun
Author: craftie
Subject: in need of poem for washcloth lolli and candy soap

Could some of you wonderful poets come up with a poem that could be incorporated with (Grandmother, teacher, girl, mom, aunt ect........) I plan on making your washcloth lollipops and I am house cleaning and found a candy mold that is shaped like peices of wrapped hard candy. I thought I could mold soap in it. Then place a wash cloth lolli and some peices of soap in the bag. I thought that it would make a nice gift for teachers, aunts you get the picture. I made small bags of rose soap petals and molded a soap angel for each bag, add the small poem someone was good enough to write for me. They sold like crazy, girls bought them for exchange gifts, teacher gifts, office exchanges. So any help is appreciated.

[> Re: in need of poem for washcloth lolli and candy soap -- kritterno1, 22:19:31 03/28/04 Sun [1]

This candy looks good enough to eat
But if you taste it, it won't be sweet
It's made of soap as you'll soon see
And it's really quite cute as it can be
Now with the lolli it's a rather nice set
And you'll be nice and clean I'll bet
The perfect gift for one and all
Nothing too big and nothing too small
© Mary Edna Ryan

[> Re: in need of poem for washcloth lolli and candy soap -- jacksmum, 04:55:07 03/29/04 Mon [1]

Lollipops and candy
what a sweet surprise
but this is quite different
a washer and soap in disguise.
So don't try to lick it
as you head for the bath
It's just a little treat
guaranteed to last.
© Sue Pitchfork~

[> Re: in need of poem for washcloth lolli and candy soap -- craftie, 19:47:09 03/29/04 Mon [1]

Thanks so much these will be great.

Date Posted: 00:30:37 03/30/04 Tue
Author: Mary
Subject: washcloth lollipop

Craftie, How do you make the washcloth lollies? I did see a picture of one with a baby washcloth, but when I tried it with a regular one, I couldn't make it look just right. How do you do yours? It sounds like a great idea for Mother's Day gifts. Thanks for your help.


[> Re: washcloth lollipop -- craftie, 15:30:42 03/30/04 Tue [1]

I used the regular washcloths that I bought from the Dollar General stores that we have in this area. They come 18 in a package for $5.00. They are not real thick like the other washcloths. I fold into a triagle then start with the small corner to roll into a log. This tucks the corner in tight. then start at one end and roll into a cinnamon roll. I use the wide clear packing tape and place a peice on the back of the cloth. Use a tongue depressor or wide fun stick (looks like a popscycle stick but about an inch wide)place on the tape and use another peice of tape to attach the stick. Then I used clear cello for the colored washclothes so you can see the color and colored cello for the white clothes. tie with raffia and you have a nice lollipop. I don't put soap or anything in the middle, I needed them to be tightly rolled so they stayed together. I don't have a mold number on the candy mold form I have, it was just a generic mold I found. You could mold soap in a "hershey kiss shape mold, They sell them at Life of the Party candy molds. Hope this helps.

Date Posted: 13:39:59 06/16/03 Mon
Author: Diane
Subject: washcloth lollipops

Would anyone know how to make the wwashcloth lollipops without glue?So they could be used.I posted a pic on the other site. Thanks Diane

[> Re: washcloth lollipops -- arla, 12:55:57 06/29/03 Sun [1]

i made one of these up for my aunt and put it in her bath basket that i'm giving her over the 4th of july.. reworded the poem a bit.. but think they would be cute for christmas to give to coworkers too in red and green wash clothes...

A Lollipop for you it's made for the tub,
So you can give yourself a good scrub.
Made to look like candy,
I hope they come in handy!

thanks for the idea!!!!!!!!!! i love things i can make for multiple uses and have them laying around ready for when i need a gift and then just have to pop a poem onto it!

[> Re: washcloth lollipops -- jacksmum, 19:48:28 06/29/03 Sun [1]

I bought baby wash cloths - because I love the bright colors but then I used a scented candle in the shape of a flower as the centre. Used lots of clear tape to hold it together and put the stick on the back.
Put it inside a little cellophane bag and tied with curling ribbon. They came out quite nice and would be good for teachers gifts.

[> Re: washcloth lollipops -- gingergirl, 20:29:10 06/16/03 Mon [1] looks as if they have used the baby wash cloth with a soft yellow colored pom pom in the center. Probably as g-snap said attached a tongue depressor to the back with some double sided tape. Wrapped it a square of cellophane and tied it off to make a very adorable little favor...
Thanks for sharing that...

[> Re: washcloth lollipops -- gingergirl, 20:41:06 06/16/03 Mon [1]

well I was on the right track ...not a pom pom after all it's a cotton ball center...I love them...these will make a perfect addition to a candy creation for a baby shower...personalized candy bar wrappers, hershey kisses,the little sock roses, binky bloomers and these little cuties!!
Thanks Diane!!!

[> Re: washcloth lollipops -- ShirleyT, 22:05:09 06/16/03 Mon [1]

Those are too cute! I don't have directions, just a silly poem! LOL This would be with a center of chocolate or candy rather than a cotton ball.

Tho too young for a lollipop
this is for fun in the tub,
and the treat is for mom
after baby's rub a dub dub!

[> Re: washcloth lollipops -- jacksmum, 00:22:07 06/17/03 Tue [1]

Maybe a pin would hold it together and stop it unrolling.
Lovely idea and great poem Shirley.

[> Re: washcloth lollipops -- Diane, 00:32:09 06/17/03 Tue [1]

Thanks for all your help. Might try 1 tomorrow if I have the time.
Gingergirl please post a pic of you bouquet.It sound really cute.
Shirley,that poem is so cute.Thanks for sharing
Thanks again everyone

[> Re: washcloth lollipops -- gingergirl, 05:41:38 06/17/03 Tue [1]

I'm with Sue aka jacksmum on that one just one of those little safety pins or maybe a diaper pin...wouldn't these look cute made into a corsage for the mother to be...oh nooooooooooooo this has created a new monster....lololol I have lost my picture of the Binky Bloomer...Ann
I will recover that sometime today and post it for you to see.

[> Re: washcloth lollipops -- gingersnap, 07:36:07 06/17/03 Tue [1]

Lollipops made for the
So mommy can give baby
a good scrub...
When baby gets older,
he/she can have candy,
But right now, these
washcloths will come
in handy.....

Here's are so darn cute!.....

[> [> Re: washcloth lollipops -- Diane, 08:40:51 06/17/03 Tue [1]

Gingersnap,that is so adorable!
I was just thinking.For the poem of Shirleys.When you start wrapping use one of the candy binkys you buy at the store,and start wrapping around it.Just a thought.

[> Re: washcloth lollipops -- jenb, 11:14:03 06/17/03 Tue [1]

Ladies the wash cloth is folded length wise (tube) and then formed into a circle. The cotton ball is the center. wrap with plastic wrap (I guess). Then the popsicle stick can be taped on the back. I found another site with these and the pic was clear that the lollipop is actually the washcloth.

[> Re: washcloth lollipops -- jazbo, 12:30:25 06/17/03 Tue [1]

Yes, Diane. I am going to make a diaper cake for DIL. These are my tentative plans for decorating it right now:
...Since its a girl, it will be mostly in pinks
...A tied baby quilt, rolled, will be one layer on the 'cake'
...Washcloth lollipops around the sides, & baby sock 'roses'
...Elephant made from a towel & 2 washcloths will be the topper
...a boo-boo bunny

What do you think?

Also, am making a Daddy's Diaper Doo-doo kit for DS. I'm doing my own thing, so will put the things in a tool apron.
...Hand lotion - cause babies need special handling
...Goo & Poo Remover - baby wipes
...Tongs - for diaper disposal
...Swimmer's nose plugs - for toxic odors
...plastic gloves
...Paint mask - for noxious odors (LOL!)
...Road warning signs you put out when you are broken down on the side of the road, they are orange & slip together to form sort of a 'cone' shape - I wrote on it with permanent marker, "Danger! entering toxic area! Toxic spills likely!" etc.

[> Re: washcloth lollipops -- jazbo, 13:26:35 06/17/03 Tue [1]

I will try to get a photo & send it to Shirley, OK?

Also, I forgot to mention that I was going to give DIL a Labor Dammit doll. Gingersnap wrote the following poem to go with it:

When the labor pains begin,
And you're finding it harder to grin...
Take this doll & squeeze it tight
Do this wil all of your might;
And if this doesn't seem to help-
Slam it, & whack it, & give out a yelp!

[> [> [> Re: washcloth lollipops -- Diane, 13:50:03 06/17/03 Tue [1]

Sorry GS forgot to say how wonderful the poem is.Thank you for sharing your talent with us.These poems add so much to our crafts and gifts.Thanks again

[> Re: washcloth lollipops -- gingergirl, 09:15:08 06/18/03 Wed [1]

2 Wash Cloth Lollies here you go Ann

I made a couple of these last's all a matter of personal taste to be honest.
I like them without the cottonball center.
I do like the single wash cloth version best
Using a straight pin to hold it in place at end works great cause you can hide under the edge of the cloth and because it's sticking into the rolled fabric it won't hurt anyone when they pick it up.
I wrapped one in cello and one in tulle...they each give a different feel...the one in cello to me seems a little commercial and great way to keep them nice and clean. The tulle wrapped seems a little frou frou and I had to add a prettier softer ribbon to it and it made it look really exspensive. I'll make photos later and share them if you want me too. I really like this idea.
The binky bloomer I make are the same take that Jaz listed but I put my on a stem w/ leaves and make it part of a bouquet.

[> Re: washcloth lollipops -- Mad Mary, 17:39:05 06/18/03 Wed [1]

I like the pops but I don't know if I would give them out as favors because I don't know what I would do if I recieved one, afterall I don't have a baby anymore.

Could you use a regular washcloth and maybe use a small bath fizzie or a bath oil bead as a center? Hmmmm?
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Jan 28, 2005 9:38 pm

Washcloth Lollipops - How To Make & Links to Pictures

Date Posted: 11:35:07 01/22/05 Sat
Author: julie
Subject: Wash Cloth Lollipops

I have several spring craft shows coming up.These are something i have`nt seen at any shows .I was going through the archives... ( Thank You to " EVERYONE " who takes the time to put things in the archives for us !!!) and thought i would make up some.My questions are has anyone made these and sold them? If so what did you charge ? Did they sell?


[> Re: Wash Cloth Lollipop ? `s -- Reenie, 12:05:55 01/22/05 Sat [1]

My sister sold these @ a show in dec that we did. She got the small washcloths at dollar tree, She did pastel colors. And she used two washcloths on each pop & a popsicle stick, she used that tule stuff over the pop & tied it w/ ribbon. And on the tag she put a little saying. I can't remember what the tag said.
But she charged $3.50 each for them. I wish I had a picture of them :)
Reenie ~

[> Re: Wash Cloth Lollipop ? `s -- Lori Jean, 13:13:17 01/22/05 Sat [1]

Okay Ladies,
I'm trying to picture these. Can you give a description of how they're made?
I found a picture of what I think you are talking about. Is this it? (see link.)

Lori Jean :^)

[> Re: Wash Cloth Lollipop ? `s -- Donna G, 15:01:17 01/22/05 Sat [1]


[> Re: Wash Cloth Lollipop ? `s -- Charlene K., 16:38:22 01/22/05 Sat [1]
How to Make Lollipop Washcloth
The lollipops take 1 washcloth and a cotton ball in the center. This version is not scented. You fold the wash cloth into itself and then in half again. You want it to be about 4" in width. On your work surface put down your cotton ball and start wrapping the washcloth around it in a circle. I've even done them with a hard candy in the center & a small soap in the center, this would give it a scented smell. Slide your pop-stick under this and center it. Cut a circle of tulle the size of a small dinner plate, and wrap your lolli-pop up, tying the ends close to the washcloth. You can use curling ribbon, or printed ribbon if it's for a shower. You can also cover them in clear cellophane, or different colored tulle. Hope this helps.

Note: Link to picture was deleted since it was no longer valid.

[> Re: Wash Cloth Lollipop ? `s -- Donna G, 17:49:31 01/22/05 Sat [1]


[> Re: Wash Cloth Lollipop ? `s -- Reenie, 09:09:07 01/23/05 Sun [1]

that picture is exactly the type my sister made. Very cute !
Reenie ~

[> Re: Wash Cloth Lollipop ? `s -- Reenie, 09:12:43 01/23/05 Sun [1]

I found where I wrote the tag saying down, the tag said
"When baby gets older candy is dandy, But for now these washcloths will come in handy."Reenie~

[> Re: Wash Cloth Lollipop ? `s -- Lori Jean, 09:52:53 01/23/05 Sun [1]

Thanks Charlene! Your instructions made it much clearer for me!
Lori Jean :^)

Archiver's Note: You might want to check these washcloth lollipop posts too:
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Sep 16, 2005 4:57 pm

Picture: Washcloth Lollipop & Idea for Holiday Lollipops

Date Posted: 13:29:42 09/08/05 Thu
Author: PattyWV
Subject: Washcloth Lollipops

Someone on e-bay was selling these as baby shower favors.
Looks like a cotton ball in the center.

Picture: Washcloth Lollipops
Note: Link deleted since picture had been removed from Photobucket.

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- Michelle, 18:36:39 09/08/05 Thu [1]

I sold these last yr ( think I got $2 each )after I had made a basket full as prizes to for baby shower games (of course "mom to be" gets them all as gifts before we leave)

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- sstolz, 21:25:44 09/08/05 Thu [1]

These are so cute!! What an idea. How did you do them?

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- Lori Jean, 23:36:52 09/08/05 Thu [1]

Hi Patty,
Yes, it is a cotton ball in the middle. I've also seen them done up for Christmas in red/green/white washcloths with a round peppermint candy in the center. :^)
Lori Jean :^)
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Sep 19, 2008 3:35 am

Picture/Link for Instructions: Amber2925's Washcloth Lollipops

Date Posted: 10:50:17 09/05/08 Fri
Author: Amber2925
Subject: Washcloth Lollipops

For anyone interested I have posted a complete tutorial on how to make washcloth lollipops on my blog. It takes less than 5 minutes to make one! ... C01803.jpg

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- Huskerfan, 11:47:47 09/05/08 Fri [1]

Here is her blog. I hope it is legal for me to post it. I love blogs.

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- crafterwannabe, 11:56:00 09/05/08 Fri [1]

They are so cute! I don't believe I've ever seen them done using the plastic baby spoons and they had such a nice touch. I'll make the link clickable and also add the link just for the lollipops for the archives. Thanks so much.

Washcloth Lollipops ... ipops.html

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- KrafteeKaren, 14:54:20 09/05/08 Fri [1]

Awesome Amber....I made a bunch of these for DD's baby shower a while back. They are fun to make and no one believes that they are made from washcloths and baby spoons.

[> Re: Washcloth Lollipops -- Amber2925, 16:46:22 09/05/08 Fri [1]

Thanks for the links and the nice comments!!! I am finding these are very addicting to make!! I got my washcloths at the dollar store in a package of 4 or 6. I think the spoons are take and toss? I can't remember for sure right now. At Walmart they were like $3.00 of 8 of them so, not a big investment in each one! And, they look so cute on a shower gift instead of a bow!
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Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:47 pm

Baby Washcloth Lollipops w/Spoon Handle

Date Posted: 12:46:04 09/13/11 Tue
Author: * Crafty Sue *
Subject: Baby Wash Cloth Lollipops ... cloth.html

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