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Postby krafteekaren » Sun Aug 29, 2004 10:40 pm

Date Posted: 14:48:05 02/05/04 Thu
Author: Diane
Subject: Hand or foot print kit ?

Can anyone here tell me how to make up the kits for these?Or where I could find out how to do them? Thanks for any help Diane

[> Re: Hand or foot print kit ? -- arla, 21:41:09 02/06/04 Fri [1]

i am making one of these up for a friend at work. i am getting a frame then a piece of scrapbooking paper with print on it then get an ink pad and the following poem that was wrote that i saved. just thought i'd pass along

Here's a little present
That will keep for evermore
A footprint of your little one
On paper, not the floor

Just use the ink pad carefully
To coat their foot with ink
Then gently press it inside the frame
It'll be over in a blink

Now leave the frame upon the shelf
And let it set and dry
Then you always will remember
The time your child was just knee high
© Yvonne Lowther 1103

[> Re: Hand or foot print kit ? -- Diane, 20:04:09 02/07/04 Sat [1]

Thanks girls for your help and site.I never saw them at Walmart,but will look. Arla,I love your idea and the poem.What a wonderful idea.I only heard of the one that uses plaster. Thanks for sharing !!!!! Diane

[> Re: Hand or foot print kit ? -- Caboobie, 20:52:07 02/07/04 Sat [1]

Thank you Arla for putting my name to the poem, It makes us poets feel good (lol)

[> Re: Hand or foot print kit ? -- Caboobie, 18:24:15 02/05/04 Thu [1]

This site has a picture and list on it. Maybe it will help.

[> Re: Hand or foot print kit ? -- miel, 19:27:19 02/05/04 Thu [1]

I think I've seen them at Walmarts.

Date Posted: 11:22:06 02/29/04 Sun
Author: Diane
Subject: Hand print kit?

Can someone Please tell me how to make a hand or foot print kit for a baby basket?Someone(sorry can't emember who gave me a site to see them)but I would like to know how to do one myself. Thanks for any help Diane

[> Re: Hand print kit? -- DebbieD, 01:42:13 03/01/04 Mon [1]

Here is where I ordered the round plastic boxes that I am using to make baby hand print kits. I ordered 40 of them.......the quality is good. Prompt shipping also. ... egoryid=36

[> Re: Hand print kit? -- Diane, 10:09:58 03/01/04 Mon [1]

THANK YOU DEBBIED for the site!!!! Can I ask you are these for the ones with plaster?You are welcome to email me if you like. Again Thank You So Much Diane

[> Re: Hand print kit? -- DebbieD, 06:40:22 03/03/04 Wed [1]

Those are the ones I am using for the plaster hand print kits. I tried to email you, but it bounced back for some reason.

Date Posted: 16:56:42 01/18/04 Sun
Author: Diane
Subject: Baby hand or foot print kits?

Was wondering if anyone knows how to make up the little kits for these?Or what you would need to make them?Saw these in a gift basket for a baby. Thanks for any help Diane


[> Re: Baby hand or foot print kits? -- Dianenanato4, 17:54:44 01/18/04 Sun [1]

Diane, the other Diane here. Try this site. Let me know if this is what you are talking about. Hugz, Diane Nanato4

Baby Foot Prints

[> Re: Baby hand or foot print kits? -- Diane, 23:54:11 01/18/04 Sun [1]

Yes Diane, that is what I was looking for. I was thinking of making some up myself,but not sure how to do it. Thanks so much for sharing this!!! Hugs Diane
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Postby crafterwannabe » Sat Mar 01, 2008 1:34 am

Making Baby Footprint Keepsake

Date Posted: 08:19:44 02/20/08 Wed
Author: Sherron
Subject: How to Make A Baby Footprint Poem Keepsake

Great project for all the new Grandmothers!! This project will definitely make a priceless treasure!! ... -poem.html
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