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Child Development Chart

Postby Alma » Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:44 pm

Date Posted: 06:45:33 08/01/11 Mon
Author: Blazer (Darlene P.)
Subject: OT Chid Development Chart?

Anyone know of a simple Child Development Chart Of What is expected Of A Baby Monthly ?
Thank you for your help !
Blazer (Darlene P.)


[> Re: OT Chid Development Chart? -- Doreen, 06:50:25 08/01/11 Mon [1]

Here's one I found for you which is from 3 months onwards but as it says on there don't get caught up on any particular age as children are different one from the other and develop faster or slower...

[> Re: OT Chid Development Chart? -- Blazer(Darlene P.), 14:25:00 08/01/11 Mon [1]

Thanks Doreen!
I am on my way to check it out !

[> Re: OT Chid Development Chart? -- Doreen, 03:29:53 08/02/11 Tue [1]

You're welcome Darlene, I hope you found it helpful : )

Have a nice day,
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