Poem: Mini Bubble Gum Machine Baby Shower Favor

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Poem: Mini Bubble Gum Machine Baby Shower Favor

Postby crafterwannabe » Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:15 pm

Date Posted: 18:30:41 10/01/11 Sat
Author: Aly
Subject: Baby Announcement Favor

Hi Ladies!
I love this site and all the creative ideas although I rarely post!

I'm due to have a baby (girl!) in a few weeks time and wanted to do little favors to give guests that come visit.

I have an older daughter (3) and thought it might be sweet to do something from her announcing her sister?

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

[> Re: Baby Announcement Favor -- #1krafty_poet, 19:39:43 10/01/11 Sat [1]

Here is a poem to use:

I'm proud to be
A BIG sister
As you can
Clearly see
So here's a little_____
A gift to you from me
©ME Ryan 2011

You can fill in the blank with anything you want to say.

[> [> Re: Baby Announcement Favor -- Aly, 03:26:16 10/02/11 Sun [1]

Awe. That's really cute! Thanks.

I saw these mini gumball machines that I thought might be sweet to giveaway.

Is there anything witty I can incorporate into a poem with those?

Thanks again for the help!


Date Posted: 15:16:39 10/02/11 Sun
Author: Aly
Subject: Bubble gum poem

Hello again.
Need some help with a poem for a mini bubble gum machine favor to give to guests that come visit our new baby from her big sister.

I'd really appreciate any help!

[> Re: Bubble gum poem -- Nannykaren, 18:09:49 10/02/11 Sun [1]

To thank you for your visit,
Big sister wants to give you
This mini bubble gum machine,
So, like the baby, you can blow bubbles too.
Nannykaren ©2011

Congratulations on your new addition! What are the girl's names? Might do a better poem with the names.

Big sister would like to give you,
This mini bubble gum machine.
To thank you for your visit,
To the new kid on the scene.
Nannykaren ©2011

Thank you for coming
To see our new baby girl.
This gift is from Big Sister,
Whose head is all awhirl.
Nannykaren ©2011

[> Re: Bubble gum poem -- Aly, 02:30:16 10/03/11 Mon [1]

Thanks for those!

Baby is still on its way-just a couple weeks to go so I'm
trying to prepare!

We havent completely finalized a name yet.

I was thinking something like this (but I'm not so good at this!)

Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish
I've finally gotten my wish!
My little sister is here...

Can't come up with any more/the rest! Maybe something about thank you for coming to visit?

Anything else you can think of would be appreciated too!

Thanks again!

[> Re: Bubble gum poem -- #1krafty_Poet, 13:48:34 10/03/11 Mon [1]

I tweaked it and made it longer. Also the way I set each line looks better to me.


Bubble gum Bubble gum
In a dish
I've finally gotten
My very big wish
My little sister
Now is here
Thank you for coming
To share in my cheer
Bubble gum Bubble gum
In a dish
Take this home to make
Your very big wish
©ME Ryan
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