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Baby Shower Ideas for Quadruplets

Postby crafterwannabe » Mon Feb 20, 2012 7:35 pm

Date Posted: 15:46:28 01/24/12 Tue
Author: Lori (WIELOSINSKI)
Subject: quads

My niece is having quadruplets!!! any cute gift or shower ideas?

[> Re: quads -- Huskerfan, 15:59:54 01/24/12 Tue [1]

I don't know any specific thing just make sure you get 4. How cute but oh so glad that wasn't me. One at a time was enough. Does she have any other kids?

[> [> Re: quads -- lori, 16:02:15 01/24/12 Tue [1]

no it is her first!

[> Re: quads -- Jannabanana, 22:16:44 01/24/12 Tue [1]

and second
and third
and fourth!!!

Good luck with the shower!!

[> Re: quads -- garnet, 10:51:40 01/25/12 Wed [1]

How about a 4-leaf clover theme?

[> Re: quads -- Garnet, 11:02:26 01/25/12 Wed [1]

I keep thinking hearts that make a 4-leaf clover. Four heart shaped bibs. Four small quilts (to go in baskets or for changing mats, four heart softies, four heart burp pads,four heart pockets with animal or owl softies.

Everything heart shaped or foldable into a heart makes a 4-leaf clover that comes apart.

Don't wrap, but back with tissue in green shades. Arrange the various tissue backed clovers pinned to a wall backdrop.

[> Re: quads -- Jannabanana, 16:48:01 01/25/12 Wed [1]

Garnet, what neat ideas!!!

[> Re: quads -- garnet, 10:20:46 01/26/12 Thu [1]

Along with the clovers, include these bouquets of baby sock blossoms.

And maybe there could be some butterfly bibs or burp pads, each squeezed at the base to go together as a clover.

[> Re: quads -- jazz, 12:23:28 01/26/12 Thu [1]

Cute ideas. How about peas in a pod?

4ever yours
4 wheelin'

[> Re: quads -- garnet, 14:41:00 01/26/12 Thu [1]

Baby Sock Bouquet
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