Ideas:Keepsake Gift Using Clothing from Great-Grandmother

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Ideas:Keepsake Gift Using Clothing from Great-Grandmother

Postby crafterwannabe » Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:04 am

Date Posted: 17:44:32 01/29/12 Sun
Author: Annie H
Subject: keepsake for daughter in law who's pregnant

My son and daughter in law are expecting. They have been married for 5 years and have waited so long to be blessed with a little one. I would like to do something very special for this baby. They will not find out what it is for awhile yet. I have beautiful dresses that belonged to mother, that I kept when she passed away. My son's grandmother and him were very close. I also have my wedding dress from when I married my son's father. I have re-married now and had a beautiful dress in my first marriage. Is there something you ladies can suggest that I do that will be a keepsake for this baby as well as a memory for my son. What have you seen, done, or read about that would be creative.

[> Re: keepsake for daughter in law who's pregnant -- Nylietta, 18:14:28 01/29/12 Sun [1]

I have seen people make teddy bears out of the clothes of people that have passed. You might be able to do a search on memory bears. If you look at any pattern books they will have a packet of patterns you can purchase to make the bears. Nylietta

[> Re: keepsake for daughter in law who's pregnant -- Annie~B, 18:42:31 01/29/12 Sun [1]

Ann, if she were to find it's a girl, wouldn't a doll and a miniature dress of the original dress be a great keepsake for her, maybe along with a picture of the relative who wore the dress?

As Nylietta mentioned, the bears are nice too. When my BIL passed away, someone took some of his shirts and made my sister a bear with them.

Also, some beautiful pillow covers from the dresses would be nice, and would be easy to store until you were ready for her/him to have them.

Anyway, congratulations on the excitement coming up of having a new little one to your family.
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