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Diaper Cake/Towel Cake Sites

Postby Alma » Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:46 pm

Date Posted: 20:53:38 04/26/12 Thu

I would like to makes these 2 things for a fun raiser, this is going to be my last year to ealk for breast cancer. Then i will be doing other things to raise awareness. As a walker we have to raise 2,300.00 , to walk. I am half way there. As a group we are going to be doing a fun raiser on may 5. so i thought i would tray and get these done for it. but i need a pattern on how to do it Look at some but i would like some more onfo on how to do these,
Any help would be appricated.


[> Re: DIAPER CAKE/ TOWEL CAKE -- SueZQ, 21:29:50 04/26/12 Thu [1]

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

http://www.creative-baby-shower-ideas.c ... -cake.html



http://www.creative-baby-shower-ideas.c ... ges/search?


[> Re: DIAPER CAKE/ TOWEL CAKE -- SueZQ, 21:32:25 04/26/12 Thu [1]

For some reason, this one didn't copy correctly:

http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Fre ... QFRRS#x0y0

[> Re: DIAPER CAKE/ TOWEL CAKE -- mama, 21:57:30 04/26/12 Thu [1]

this is nice....http://www.sweetaprils.com/2011/08/diap ... ow-to.html

[> Re: DIAPER CAKE/ TOWEL CAKE -- mama, 21:59:47 04/26/12 Thu [1]

scroll down to see the teddy bear..I made one came out great

[> Re: DIAPER CAKE/ TOWEL CAKE -- mama...sorry forgot to pusth, 22:04:28 04/26/12 Thu [1]

teddy bear...scroll down http://www.creative-baby-shower-ideas.c ... craft.html

[> Re: DIAPER CAKE/ TOWEL CAKE -- linda green, 01:32:51 04/27/12 Fri [1]

Qant to thank all ladies for your info. i will bw fgoing tomrrow to get the things to make at least the diaper cake.
i have the diaper allready rolled and folled, juat need to go get some decrations for it. then i hope to buy the towels. and do them both by next weekend. the towel cake they want for a house warming gift. now i need to figure out what to put on it.

[> Re: DIAPER CAKE/ TOWEL CAKE -- birdhousebonnie, 17:29:01 04/29/12 Sun [1]

Linda, Another idea would be the diaper wreaths. It only takes about 9 diapers, form, ribbon and items to tie on. They are easy and fun to make. I sell them at Farmers Market.

[> Re: DIAPER CAKE/ TOWEL CAKE -- Reta, 20:42:46 04/29/12 Sun [1]

Here is the video I watched for instructions. You can use ribbon suited for theme or gender. I wanted mine to be a safari theme so used orange, green, and brown 7/8" ribbon I got at JoAnns, one roll of each color. Watch for their 50% off coupons. You can also buy the wood figures there. Walmart and Hobby Lobby also carry them. I got my Giraffe and trees from Hobby Lobby. The cake takes 8 diapers for the top layer(1 in the center, 7 around it) 19 diapers for the second layer(7 in the center, 12 around it). The third layer takes 40 diapers(8 in the center, 13 around that, then 19 on the outer layer) Each diaper will be rolled and rubber banded, then each layer will need rubber banded together. A wooden cake dowel is run down through the middle of the layers to hold in place. You will need a bag of various sizes of rubber bands. I set mine on a pizza pan as I couldn't get anywhere to buy a cake round. You can also decorate cake with baby items if you like. Hope this helps. You can google diaper cake to find all kinds of examples.

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