Poem: Jungle Animals Baby Shower Theme for Baby Mason

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Poem: Jungle Animals Baby Shower Theme for Baby Mason

Postby crafterwannabe » Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:46 pm

Date Posted: 21:01:59 07/23/12 Mon
Author: robbie
Subject: mason jar poem

My dear dip is having a baby boy and they are naming him mason I was thinking of using mason jars as the favors and I am looking for suggestions to poems and how to incorporate them into the shower their baby theme is jungle animals. Thank you

[> Re: mason jar poem -- Nannykaren, 22:38:42 07/23/12 Mon [1]

Baby Shower Ideas

Some cute ideas here that you could tweak for your use.

[> [> Re: mason jar poem -- Nannykaren, 22:42:05 07/23/12 Mon [1]

www.allthingsnew-denise.blogspot.com/20 ... hower.html

scroll down almost to the bottom

[> Re: mason jar poem -- Robbie, 12:36:15 07/25/12 Wed [1]

love all the ideas they are great, just wondering if anyone could come up with a poem to do with zoo animals, monkeys and Mason jars, since the baby's name is going to be Mason
thanks for all the great sites

[> Re: mason jar poem -- Nannykaren, 18:17:42 07/25/12 Wed [1]

While we're waiting for Mason,
We'll go to the zoo and see a monkey.
With a jar full of bananas,
Just in case he gets funky.

(fill jars with dried banana slices)

Someone might be able to tweak this or use it to come up with something better.

[> Re: mason jar poem -- Doreen, 06:29:06 07/26/12 Thu [1]

Very nice verses and idea Nannykaren, you have inspired me.
Robbie, here is my version...the jars need to be filled with the small zoo animal cookies.

Here's a mason Jar
so full of fun,
while we await
the little one.
Zoo animals cookies
are a lovely treat,
so think of Mason and his Mummy
with each one you eat!
Doreen Scerri © 2012

[> Re: mason jar poem -- Robbie, 13:44:09 07/26/12 Thu [1]

thank you for suggestions and great poems, I just need to get busy and get these done thank you so much Robbie

[> Re: mason jar poem -- Caboobie, 14:51:27 07/26/12 Thu [1]

Nice work ladies, here's one from me

It won’t be long till he arrives
Screeching like the monkey at the zoo
Trumping wind just like the elephants
And giving bear hugs to me and you
Little Mason will be with us soon
And like the animals we love to see and touch
He'll bring us joy and special times
A tiny child we'll love so much
© 2009 Yvonne Lowther

[> Re: mason jar poem -- Doreen, 15:03:08 07/26/12 Thu [1]

Nice one Caboobie, nice one!

We're spoiling you now Robbie : )

[> Re: mason jar poem -- Robbie, 13:41:00 07/27/12 Fri [1]

I like being spoiled and Caboobie wrote a poem about the birth of my grandson and grand daughter when they were born and I was going to contact her again to see if she would do it for the new Grand son
Love this poem

[> Re: mason jar poem -- Caboobie, 18:27:10 07/27/12 Fri [1]

Everyone deserves to be spoiled and it makes me smile to think you remember me x
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