Ideas for Repurposing Christening Gown

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Ideas for Repurposing Christening Gown

Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:53 pm

Date Posted: 21:43:46 10/15/12 Mon
Author: Jackie
Subject: Christening gown ideas

Hi all.. I want to make a little something out of my daughter's christening gown for her son's baptism. The only thing I can think of is a pillow (possibly to be used as his ring bearer pillow when he gets married.. any other ideas???

[> Re: Christening gown ideas -- Virginia from Pa, 08:37:16 10/16/12 Tue [1]

Hi Jackie
When my daughter was born I made her christening gown out of my wedding dress so when she had her son I took her wedding dress & made him a vest to go over his little suit. Saved the extra pieces so if she ever has a girl. Hope this helps. Pillow idea is cute too.

[> [> Re: Christening gown ideas -- Jackie, 23:12:24 10/17/12 Wed [1]

Hi..thanks for the idea, but his outfit does have a vest included.. I might just go with the pillow.. thanks again!

[> Re: Christening gown ideas -- Darlene, 03:09:56 10/18/12 Thu [1]

You Could buy an album and make a cover for it so that they could have a beautiful wedding album?????

[> [> Re: Christening gown ideas -- Bronwyn, 05:30:44 10/20/12 Sat [1]

Bookmark for Bible.
My DD carried a rosette when she got married, made from her GG grandmother's wedding dress.


[> Re: Christening gown ideas -- KPWog, 10:00:42 10/20/12 Sat [1]

When my son was born, my mom made his christening gown out of the train from my gown.
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