Poem: Cupcake on Stand for New Mom

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Poem: Cupcake on Stand for New Mom

Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:55 am

Date Posted: 09:59:39 07/27/13 Sat
Author: Catherine T
Subject: cupcake poem

Just wondering if anyone has a poem for cupcakes. I've found several individual cupcake stand templates on google that can be made from cardstock. I'm thinking about making some from dollar store candlestick holders and a saucer. Just making a bunch to have on hand for different occasions or a quick last minute birthday gift. Or take one for a new mommy to celebrate the "birth--day". So you talented ladies can come up with anything it would be so awesome. Thanks.

[> Re: cupcake poem -- Doreen, 16:52:22 07/27/13 Sat [1]

Hi Catherine, here's one for a new mommy...

Every day is special
In its own unique way,
But today is even more
Since it's your "Birth-day"!
So here is a 'Cupcake' stand
That is meant all for you
For you deserve the very best ~
Have a wonderful day all through!
Doreen Scerri © 2013

You can use the same poem as a birthday gift by writing Birthday instead of "Birth-day".

[> [> Re: cupcake poem -- Catherine T, 20:02:40 07/27/13 Sat [1]

Doreen--Thank you! That is so sweet. Just what I needed to jazz the cupcake & cupcake stand up a bit. Thanks again! Now I can hardly wait for an occasion to give one away--LOL!

[> Re: cupcake poem -- Doreen, 07:27:51 07/28/13 Sun [1]

You are so very welcome Catherine! So glad I could help : )

[> Re: cupcake poem -- Rochelle, 23:40:40 07/28/13 Sun [1]

As always your poem is fantastic, but unlike Catherine, I can certainly wait for another grandbaby. Just got my 16th grandbaby in April and the oldest is 10. lol
hugs to you all

[> Re: cupcake poem -- Doreen, 17:49:25 07/29/13 Mon [1]

Thanks Rochelle! What a wonderful family you have, God bless you all!

[> Re: cupcake poem -- Bev(meme), 22:05:46 07/30/13 Tue [1]

What a neat idea! thanks so much for sharing the idea and the poem, I will definitely be making some of these. Thats one of the reasons I love this site, so many willing to share ideas poems, etc. Love ya'll, hugs,(Bev Meme)
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