Poem: Fill Baby Bottle Bank at Shower for Diapers

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Poem: Fill Baby Bottle Bank at Shower for Diapers

Postby crafterwannabe » Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:24 pm

Date Posted: 19:40:39 10/03/14 Fri
Author: Virginia from Pa
Subject: poem needed

My DD is hosting a baby shower on Sunday and they found a baby bottle bank that they would like a poem for on. Want it to say something about dropping any spare change you have in the bottle to buy diapers with. Thanks for your help.

[> Re: poem needed -- Nannykaren, 19:51:21 10/05/14 Sun [1]

Virginia, here is somewhat of a poem. Maybe the others can tweak it for you.

Thank you for coming
To my baby shower.
The time is getting closer
And closer by the hour.

After baby gets here,
We may be up all night,
Changing diapers by the dozen
But it will be alright.

So, as you come in
Or as you leave,
Please put your change
In our "changing" fund.
Give rather than receive.
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