Poems Appropriate for Decorative Clothespin Holders

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Poems Appropriate for Decorative Clothespin Holders

Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:49 pm

Date Posted: 18:11:14 08/13/15 Thu
Author: Lee
Subject: Clothespin Poem Needed

I am making some bling clothespins for a craft show. I would like a small poem to attach to them. some are magnetic for notes or can be used for chip bag holders.

[> Re: Clothespin Poem Needed -- Del, 14:01:14 08/17/15 Mon [1]

What is a Bling clothespins?

[> [> Re: Clothespin Poem Needed -- Lee, 19:42:10 08/17/15 Mon [1]

It is just a binder clip with bling on it. I will give to my teacher friends as well but just wanted a short poem to go with it. It is for a note holder.

[> Re: Clothespin Poem Needed -- Linda Ohio now GA, 20:21:44 08/17/15 Mon [1]

Bling is just a word meaning decorations of some kind, like designer paper, rhinestones, buttons, glitter, ribbons, etc.

Not a poem but what about a little tag saying something like "To add sparkle to your life".

[> Re: Clothespin Poem Needed -- crafterwannabe, 21:36:31 08/23/15 Sun [1]

We miss our poets! I checked the archives the other night and found the following. Almost forgot to post them! Hope you can find one or two you could use as a start.



Here’s a special gift for you
I hope you find it handy
For holding notes upon your fridge
Or whatever you find dandy!
© 2005 Jennifer Byerly
When you place this magnet
In its special place
May it bring a giant smile
To your happy face!
(C) 2005 Jennifer Byerly
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