Poem: Wine Gift

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Poem: Wine Gift

Postby crafterwannabe » Tue Jul 11, 2017 10:49 pm

Date Posted: 16:43:47 11/15/15 Sun
Author: Pauline
Subject: Poem Request

My friend Sheila is making wine baskets for craft shows. She is looking for a poem to add to her basket. She isn't sure what she wants, but I thought maybe a theme of relaxing with a glass of wine, sharing nice memories and anything else that you think might work. Thank you so much.

[> Re: Poem Request -- Nannykaren, 23:34:37 11/27/15 Fri [1]

Just grab a glass of wine,
And sit and relax awhile.
Soon you will feel just fine,
And even start to smile!!!
© Nannykaren

[> Re: Poem Request -- Pauline, 11:30:32 12/03/15 Thu [1]

Thank you Nannykaren! I am sure Sheila will love it.
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