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Teacher Gift Ideas

Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:23 pm

Date Posted: 17:52:10 08/04/15 Tue
Author: Ricki
Subject: gift for teachers

Looking for some easy not expensive gifts to make/ give to teachers the first day of school.

[> Re: gift for teachers -- crafterwannabe, 19:48:54 08/04/15 Tue [1]

Sorry I don't have anything new but here are some links from the archives full of ideas for teacher gifts - not all for start of school though. You might also try searching on Pinterest.

Scroll down a little...

See last post...but also other ideas -


Teacher Appreciation

[> Re: gift for teachers -- Ricki, 15:48:01 08/05/15 Wed [1]


[> Re: gift for teachers -- Beverly, 16:52:23 08/07/15 Fri [1]

Mason jar, Tic-Tacs, Pocket Tissues, Hand Sanitizer, Motrin IB packet, Airborne packet, and a few Dark Chocolate and Caramel Treasures.
Even some may want to add a roll of quarters for the lounge machines.What else can you think of? Add some raffia or ribbon with a cute tag and you'll have a very happy teacher! A+
Put the of the jar teachers name on a cute tag to hang on neck the jar and on the top of the lid.

[> Re: gift for teachers -- Ricki, 16:05:41 08/08/15 Sat [1]

Thanks everyone. Some many choices, now have to decide on which to do.

[> Re: gift for teachers -- kathy, 01:21:39 08/09/15 Sun [1]

There were some wood cutouts that were painted on Pintrest that were really cute. Look under teacher gifts

[> Re: gift for teachers -- Swedie, 21:33:24 08/10/15 Mon [1]

Here's a great resource for teacher gifts:


[> Re: gift for teachers -- Ricki, 23:20:38 08/13/15 Thu [1]

Thanks everyone. Lots to look at. Appreciate all your help.
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