Link: Crop-A-Dile Instructions for Use

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Link: Crop-A-Dile Instructions for Use

Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:57 pm

Date Posted: 18:21:15 09/10/10 Fri
Author: treee
Subject: help please

someone gave me a "crop-a-dile" with no instructions. I know it punches holes. what I'm wondering is can I use it to punch metal bottle caps.

[> Re: help please -- Norma, 19:33:12 09/10/10 Fri [1]

If you have a metal bottle cap I would give it a try. They are pretty sturdy and with my pink one I can punch holes o9ut of old cd's and I just tried a aluminum can bottom I had cut off (I die cut my aluminum cans) and was able to punch a hole with both sides. I seem to recall a demonstration of the crop o dial on youtube. It will show you how to use it. If it is orange (I think it is a crop a dial II and it will reach in a long way to punch your hole. I would try youtube first. Norma

[> Re: help please -- Norma, 19:37:40 09/10/10 Fri [1]

Yes, I just got youtube and in the search bot simply put: how to use a crop a dial and a long list apeared including the big bite (orange) crop a dial. Have fun and enjoy the movies. Norma

[> Re: help please -- treee, 19:39:16 09/10/10 Fri [1]

thanks Norma. I'll check youtube out.

[> Re: help please -- Norma, 11:58:32 09/13/10 Mon [1]

Just wondering if you had all of your questions answered? I often check youtube for such answers. I did that withe the Ranger Alcohol Inks and Then added Tim Holtz name to the search and really had good information on that. I love my crop a dile but wish it were the big bitz. Enjoy yours . Norma

[> Re: help please -- Brenda, 15:52:26 09/13/10 Mon [1]

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