Instructions - Claudia's Rag Wreath

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Instructions - Claudia's Rag Wreath

Postby crafterwannabe » Sat Nov 26, 2005 5:50 am

Date Posted: 10:20:39 11/01/05 Tue
Author: Claudia
Subject: Rag Wreath, picture and instructions

Note: Link was deleted since photo was removed from Claudia Photobucket album.

Similiar to the Rag Swags, this is a rag wreath for Fall.

The form was 18 inches and I cut the squares about 5" and used burgundy, gold, natural, green and orange and one fall print. It took about 3/4 of a yard of each of the colors. This is an old, old craft that we did probably 25 or more years ago, but very colorful and pretty.

I cut my squares with pinking shears, then with a philips-head screw driver, push each square in the straw wreath (do not remove the plastic wrapping, either green or clear) in the middle. You don't need glue, they will stay.
You just repeat this until the entire top, front, and bottom are covered. The squares should go in about every
1/4". The back needs to stay flat to rest against the wall.

If you buy the fabric it will cost about $6-7 and the wreath form is roughly $2, so you will have at least $9.
in it without labor. I will probably price these at $20. or maybe 22.50. It really doesn't take over 30 minutes if you work fast and furiously!

[> Re: Rag Wreath, picture and instructions -- crafterwannabe, 11:30:47 11/01/05 Tue [1]

Claudia, thanks so much for sharing your fall rag wreath - it is just beautiful. We appreciate your including the instructions too (I guess you knew we'd be asking...)

[> Re: Rag Wreath, picture and instructions -- Lisa, 12:45:07 11/01/05 Tue [1]

I made a Christmas one of these years ago. Yours turned out so pretty, Claudia. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the instructions......don't know how you did it in 30 minutes time.....took me DAYS! LOL! Hugs, Lisa

[> Re: Rag Wreath, picture and instructions -- PattyWV, 12:51:48 11/01/05 Tue [1]

Great job Claudia.
The colors remind me of indian corn.

I also want to thank you for the subject line of your message.
It is very informative as to what you'll find when clicking.
As one of the new archivers I know how much it's appreciated.

[> Re: Rag Wreath, picture and instructions -- carmelita, 08:16:21 11/02/05 Wed [1]

You did a beautiful job Claudia and I love the colors.

This sure brings back a lot of memories of crafts of yesterday :O). Crafts are like clothing, they come back and it is all new once again!
Hugs, Carmen

[> Re: Rag Wreath, picture and instructions -- jazbo, 07:29:39 11/03/05 Thu [1]

Awesome, Claudia! It is so colorful! Thank you for taking the time to post a gorgeous picture & the instructions. I love your color choices. (((hugs))) jazbo

[> Re: Rag Wreath, picture and instructions -- Doreen, 07:48:50 11/03/05 Thu [1]

Awesome - thanks for showing us Claudia that is so beautiful!
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