Instructions: Blue Jeans Planter

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Instructions: Blue Jeans Planter

Postby crafterwannabe » Sat May 29, 2004 12:32 am

Date Posted: 18:56:55 05/01/04 Sat
Author: snuffles
Subject: denim planters (blue jean)

Any body have a site where I can view a blue jean planter (made from old blue jeans) and the directions for the stiffing agent? I can't remember where I saw them last year.
Thanks in advance


[> Re: denim planters (blue jean) -- Billie, 01:39:13 05/02/04 Sun [1]

Here's a site for denim overhalls. I know there's one for blue jeans, but haven't found it yet. I'll keep looking. ... /index.htm
Byhalia, MS.

[> Re: denim planters (blue jean) -- Billie, 03:02:34 05/02/04 Sun [1]


First of all, I bought a gallon of elmers glue from my local lumber yard
(this makes several pairs of lil planters). I got a bucket, and turned my
jeans inside out, and poured some glue on them, then turned them right side, and did the same thing to that side. I made sure they were fairly
saturated. I stuffed the legs with plastic sacks, not too full though, just
to make it look like a lil kid is wearing them. ( you can also use tin foil
inside) Once these were nearly dried, I attatched the tennis shoes to the
bottoms of the jeans. If there cloth ones they seem to work better, or stay attatched better. I also saturate the lil shoes with the glue too. After
all this is done, and they are dry, then I take polyurathane, and apply it
with a sponge brush, to the inside, and also to the outside. I do this
about 3 times, letting each coat dry. The first pair I did, i did those steps and someone had said to use resin on them ( which is very expensive) so I did, and my other ones are just as strong, as the one I did with resin, so now I just use the polyurathane. I prefer using, no bigger than a 18 months on my planters. The longer the legs of the jeans are, the harder they seem to be to balance.

Byhalia, MS.

[> Re: denim planters (blue jean) -- snuffles, 23:47:56 05/02/04 Sun [1]

Thanks everyone for the help. I have one question for Billie. How do you attach the tennis shoes? Is it the glue that holds the pants and shoes together or do you attach a different way? Also about how long does it take you from beginning to the end of the project?
Thanks again everyone.

[> [> Re: denim planters (blue jean) -- Billie, 01:48:15 05/10/04 Mon [1]

HI, Sorry I haven't gotten back with you, but I've been out of town. I've never made the project just saved the instructions to make later. I would assume the glue would either hold it or you might have to sew. I really think with all that glue it should hold. Good luck with the project and let me know how it comes out.
Byhalia, MS.
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