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Postby evitalouise » Thu Oct 21, 2004 12:42 am

Date Posted: 08:40:08 10/13/04 Wed
Author: Lisa in NS
Subject: iso-hershey kiss roses(instructions and pic

Could someone post the instructions and a picture.I've searched the archives and can't find it.My parents are celebrating their 40th ann. on Halloween day and we would like to make these as favors for the party we are having for them..
Thanks in advance
Lisa in NS


Re: iso-hershey kiss roses(instructions and pic -- crafterwannabe, 11:51:17 10/13/04 Wed [1]

Lisa, the Hershey rose picture & link is in our archives on a long candy post. I happened to see it this morning when I was looking for a candy gram. Scroll way down and you'll see it along with a few poems that Jennifer wrote.

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Re: iso-hershey kiss roses(instructions and pic -- * * * *, 14:34:13 10/13/04 Wed [1]

Re: iso-hershey kiss roses(instructions and pic -- Lisa in ns, 14:39:23 10/13/04 Wed [1]

Thanks everyone for your help! I really appriciate it!
Lisa in NS

Re: iso-hershey kiss roses(instructions and pic -- Fran, 09:15:17 10/13/04 Wed [1]

Go to and you have to click fun stuff at the top of the page It will bring up the halloween page but to the right you will see crafts and ideas scroll down when you see the mouse click learn more that will bring up another menu to the left you'll see crafts & ideas below it occassion click and bring up a menu click valentine and it will show you the hershey kisses roses I used this that what was in the search engine but it would not come up. Perhaps the acrchives or some one else knows a better way but that is how I managed to get there.
Good Luck

Re: iso-hershey kiss roses(instructions and pic -- Londonlee, 09:27:23 10/13/04 Wed [1]

This is the direct link to Hershey's Roses. They are easy to make, very inexpensive and can be VERY showy displayed in large bunches or bouquets.Don't forget to weight the containers or they'll be top heavy - quart glass canning jars wrapped in decorative paper will hold 1 1/2 dozen well.
(((HUGS))) Lee
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