Instructions: Yo-Yo People

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Instructions: Yo-Yo People

Postby krafteekaren » Mon Jan 26, 2004 3:17 am

Yo-yo People
Date Posted: 07:32:13 01/20/04 Tue
Author: Kim
Subject: yoyo dolls

I know someone posted about the yoyo dolls on HGTV they are on the site but no instructions. Does anyone have the pattern or can tell me how to do them?


[> Re: yoyo dolls -- Tona, 02:50:41 01/21/04 Wed [1]

I and my brothers have yo-yo clowns our maternal grandmother made for us many years ago. I had never seen a pattern for them until a few years ago when it appeared in the Michaels Arts and Crafts magazine, Jan/Feb 1997 issue. I still have the magazine and will be glad to share the instructions with those who want them. I just need a way to send them--either e-mail or snail mail. My e-mail is

[> Re: yoyo dolls -- Ann, 04:03:54 01/21/04 Wed [1]

crochet yo yo clowns

[> Re: yoyo dolls -- trisha, 06:13:06 01/21/04 Wed [1]

OMG, I believe the featured crafter "Shirley" on the HGTV site was a vendor at a Kris Kringle show I did in South Bend Indiana in Nov. If this is the same lady, you should have seen the exquisite work she did with yo yo people. Some finished yo yo's no larger than 1/8 of an inch were used for the hands. she had yo yo people for every occasion and occupation.
Wishing you sucess with your yo yo venture.

[> Re: yoyo dolls -- julie, 09:53:19 01/20/04 Tue [1]

Yo Yo Doll ... 18,00.html

[> Re: yoyo dolls -- jaz, 10:31:30 01/20/04 Tue [1]

There is this one, too. No instructions, tho.

Yo-yo People ... 51,00.html

They are adorable! It looks to me like they are made similar to the doll in the first link given by Kim. Just adjust the size of the yo-yos for arms, legs, etc. Hands look like stuff yo-yos. Don't know what the 'sock' monkey is made but it is so cute! If you crocheted, you could crochet the circles from various colors of yarn & again vary the size.

Any other ideas as to how they are made?
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Yo Yo & Crochet Dolls

Postby crafterwannabe » Tue Jan 27, 2004 4:50 pm

Date Posted: 04:12:58 01/13/04 Tue
Author: Jude_KS
Subject: Dolls - fabric and crochet

Does anyone have patterns for dolls made with fabric yoyos? I would love to make some of these as I have tons of yoyos aready made, preparing of
other projects.

Also, I would love to obtain crochet patterns for toys (dolls, teddy bears and bunnies). Another one that I would love to locate is a Woman's Day or Family Circle pattern from the late 70's for a precious pink pig. Years ago these magazines published some adorable crochet toy patterns and I really miss them. My collection was destroyed in a fire and I've never been able to replace them.

I would appreciate your help in "rebuilding" this collection so if you have any of these that you would share, please contact me via e-mail and we can discuss terms, costs and etc.
HUGS - Jude!


[> Re: Dolls - fabric and crochet -- Dianenanato4, 04:51:35 01/13/04 Tue [1]

Jude, I did a quick search and this is what I came up with. Don't know if this is what you are talking about. Hope these help. Diane nanato4 ... 18,00.html ... uct_id=DYH ... uct_id=DYA

[> Re: Dolls - fabric and crochet -- Marina, 08:45:01 01/13/04 Tue [1]

Jude, is the pink pig made with granny squares? I saved all those pages from Woman's Day and Family Circle and the only pig I remember was made with granny squares. I might be wrong. For Xmas they had loads of stuff you could make for gifts and they always had a crocheted toy pattern one yr it was a little kitten another yr it was a little puppy. Let me know what you would like, its lots and lots of pages.
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Link: Yo Yo Like Ragdoll

Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Apr 29, 2004 10:56 pm

Date Posted: 22:58:37 06/21/03 Sat
Author: CrazeeMoi
Subject: Rag Doll....looks like a yo yo type doll to me

Rag Doll
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