How to Add E-Mail Signatures

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How to Add E-Mail Signatures

Postby crafterwannabe » Sat Mar 06, 2004 5:05 am

Date Posted: 21:34:31 02/21/04 Sat
Author: Sharlet
Subject: signature tags

Can anyone tell me how to find and insert the signature tags in my e-mail? Thank you so much.


[> Re: signature tags -- Shorty, 19:12:09 02/22/04 Sun [1]

I would like that info also. I am 'puter challenged!

[> Re: signature tags -- Caboobie, 19:48:32 02/22/04 Sun [1]

Dianananatofour (I think I got that wrong) helped me to do sig tags. Maybe she will see this and help you. I remember her telling me to save the tag to my desktop and then how to attach it to an e-mail. Good luck

[> Re: signature tags -- Answer Girl, 06:05:18 02/23/04 Mon [1]

how to add e-mail signatures !!

1. Select the saying/quote/message you want to use
for your e-mail signature.
2. You will now have to type your saying/quote/message into
NOTEPAD. Follow the next steps to access NOTEPAD:
3. Go to START menu.
4. Click on PROGRAMS.
5. Next click on ACCESSORIES.
6. Then click on NOTEPAD.
7. A blank screen for NOTEPAD will appear. Type in
your saying/quote/message in the screen.
8. When you have completed typing your message... you
will need to save it. Follow the next steps to save
your message:
9. At this point, be sure you write down exactly
where you will save your message. Click on FILE.
10. Click on SAVE AS.
11. A new screen will appear (MY DOCUMENTS). You will
need to decide on a filename for your message. I usually
use the first two words of my saying/quote. Type in
the name you choose in the FILE NAME window.
12. Then click on SAVE. Your message is now saved. Close
the NOTEPAD screen.
13. Now go back and open your E-mail (above toolbar you
should see INBOX-NETSCAPE FOLDER). Below are steps to
to insert that email saying/quote/message as your E-mail
14. In the Inbox-Netscape Folder window...find the toolbar
and click on EDIT.
15. Go to bottom of menu and click on PREFERENCES.
16. You will see a screen come up called Preferences. You
will see a list of Categories (Appearance, Navigator,
Mail & Groups, etc).
17. Click on the + sign next to Mail and Groups (this opens
up the folder.
18. With your mouse, point the cursor over the word
IDENTITY and click one time (this will highlight
the word and open the Identity info).
19. Now insert your name and email address (this information
may already inserted). Look down at bottom for a
window called SIGNATURE FILE.
Follow the following instructions to insert your message.
20. If you know where you saved your file...type it in OR
hit the CHOOSE button and locate your file that way.
21. After you locate the file, click on OPEN and the location of
file will appear in the signature file window.
22. Click on OK. Your message is now going to appear in all
your e-mail correspondence.
23. You can edit the message (if it is not centered, misspellings,
etc. by locating the file again in WORDPAD).
24. You can change this message as often as you like. Just
follow the steps given above.
25. To check to see if your message/saying/quote appears...just
click on a new message (as if you were sending an email message).
26. That's it...!! Your e-mail signature will appear now each time you
send anyone an e-mail message.
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