PICTURE & INSTRUCTIONS: Making Candy Sundaes

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PICTURE & INSTRUCTIONS: Making Candy Sundaes

Postby dejeju(deb) » Tue Jun 14, 2005 7:31 pm

Date Posted: 16:49:20 06/04/05 Sat
Author: Debbie from NJ
Subject: Pic candy sundaes

Thought I would post a picture of candy sundaes that I made for my 8 yr old twin nieces birthdays. This was my first attempt at making anything like that and it was so easy. It took less than 35 minutes to get them both done. It was a less minute decision; I was just going to put their money in a card.
First, I got the glasses at Michaels, and filled them with kisses and hugs and the caramel kisses. I took half of a 4 inch Styrofoam ball and cut it in half. Tape (with strong tape, I used packaging tape) the half of the ball to the top of the glass. Starting at the bottom of the ball start gluing (I used a cool melt mini glue gun) the edges of the candy papers to the ball. You just have to work and fit the different sizes of candy around the ball. The next layer space the bars so that they cover in between the first layer, Continue this until you get to the top. I fan folded the money and put it on a wooden skewer and pushed it in the top and surrounded it with mini bars. Next time I would put curling ribbon in between the candies and on the top. Like I say I decided to do these 45 minutes before we had to leave for their party and didn�t have any ribbon.
With all the graduations coming up this would make a nice gift.

Picture: Candy Sundaes
http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y55/Ho ... 456014.jpg


[> Re: Pic candy sundaes -- Debbie from NJ, 19:40:38 06/05/05 Sun [1]

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. They are easy and fun to do and the "guest of honor" usually does not get a duplicate and if they do it's more candy to share!LOL
Hugs, Debbie

[> Re: Pic candy sundaes -- Calico, 10:33:35 06/06/05 Mon [1]

Yes, they Do make a nice graduation gift.
Great conversation piece!!
I've made these using bright colors of candy taffey with a couple bendable straws inserted to make it look like a sundae. You can add curling ribbon if you like. I've seen these at stores (HyVee) priced at about $20.00!
Check the grocery stores, I've seen taffey candy wrapped with flags on them now. Great idea for the 4th!
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