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Pocket Mistletoe

Postby crafterwannabe » Thu May 11, 2017 11:52 pm

Date Posted: 03:11:45 10/04/15 Sun
Author: Sherron
Subject: Pocket Mistletoe

http://ourpeacefulplanet.com/2014/12/01 ... ck-kisses/

[> Re: Pocket Mistletoe -- Alma Smith, 08:13:11 10/04/15 Sun [1]

I think I will make some of these to hand out.

[> Re: Pocket Mistletoe -- Laurene, 12:24:04 10/07/15 Wed [1]

Cute idea. I am making these. Thanks for sharing.

[> Re: Pocket Mistletoe -- kathy, 01:12:12 10/10/15 Sat [1]

That is so cute! I used to get the real stuff to sell at craft shows, but now I don't live close to any oak trees. Probably most kids these days would think it was something new!

[> Re: Pocket Mistletoe -- Carmelita, 11:44:30 10/15/15 Thu [1]

How cute...
I am thinking that maybe I would do this with my artificial mistletoe, attach it to card and have the verse read something about holding the card over your head...

Now to just make myself follow thru with this idea!

Thanks Sherron!

[> Re: Pocket Mistletoe -- Carmelita, 11:51:11 10/15/15 Thu [1]

Just thought I would rename it "On the Go Mistletoe"
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