Chick Feeder Lamps

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Chick Feeder Lamps

Postby krafteekaren » Tue Jan 27, 2004 3:33 am

Date Posted: 12:24:40 01/10/04 Sat
Author: Carol M.
Subject: Chick feeder lamps

Have you seen the lamps made from chick feeders?These are so cute.These are made like the people feeders but you put a string of lights in the pint jar which you have frosted and add a shade to the top of the jar.I printed shades from Grandma Georges.You have given me so many ideas that I wanted to return the favor.Hope this is something you can use.Thanks Carol


[> Re: Chick feeder lamps -- Dianenanato4, 15:12:13 01/10/04 Sat [1]

Carol, I have seen them and they are soooo cute. Here is a link to some to get an idea about what they look like for those that haven't seen them and you can buy these if you don't want to make them. Hugz, Diane nanato4

Chick Feeder Lamps

[> Re: Chick feeder lamps -- sandgirl04, 17:27:31 01/10/04 Sat [1]

I would love to make more people feeders and these lamps I havent made them in years, unfortunatly there is no where around here that sells the chick feeders and the jars are so expensive here at the stores, so I will have to order both online I guess

[> [> Re: Chick feeder lamps -- susan50, 17:34:59 01/10/04 Sat [1]

whats a people feeder??

[> Re: Chick feeder lamps -- Dianenanato4, 18:00:11 01/10/04 Sat [1]

Sandgirl04, are you in the states? If so you can find them at any feed and farm supply store and they are usually pretty inexpensive. The jars are usually sold by the box full around canning season. Diane Nanato4

[> Re: Chick feeder lamps -- sandgirl04, 18:05:15 01/10/04 Sat [1]

Yes I am in the US and unfortunatly there are no farm stores where I am......just beaches, lol
Same with the jars, they are pretty expensive here, since there isnt a lot of "canning" going on this this area, lol

As to the question of what are people feeders, its a chicken feeder, just like what you see in the lamp pictures except instead of filling the jar with lights fill with candy where it comes out the small holes at the bottom of the feeder, they are really cute.
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