Microwave Plate Warmers

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Microwave Plate Warmers

Postby krafteekaren » Tue Jan 27, 2004 7:49 pm

Date Posted: 00:58:35 01/14/04 Wed
Author: Joan R
Subject: Microwave plate warmers

Anyone got a pattern for plate warmers you can heat in the microwave. Having difficulty when all the family are around and conventional oven is in use.


[> Re: Microwave plate warmers -- trish, 08:08:01 01/15/04 Thu [1]

i saw some for sale on a kitchen site. it looked as if it were a cloth "children's book" type of warmer with the plates placed between the layers of the "book" If anyone has a site for instuctions/pattern would be grateful, seems like a really neat idea. I did a search for about an hour, but nothing came up.

[> Re: Microwave plate warmers -- Dant-doe, 12:33:04 01/14/04 Wed [1]

Not sure if this is an option for you, but I have heard of people heating their plates in the dishwasher, just setting it to the "dry" part of the cycle. Just an idea.

[> Re: Microwave plate warmers -- susan50, 19:07:47 01/14/04 Wed [1]

Hi Joan, I make mine like you would a pillow except the size or a potholder and put a cup of rice in it and sew it up..You can put this in microwave and heat for about 3 min > I use mine for thanksgiving to set my bowls on to keep them warm or you can use it as a heat pad too.Hope this is what you are talking about
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