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Link: Burner Cover Crafts

Postby krafteekaren » Tue Jan 27, 2004 8:07 pm

Date Posted: 16:08:17 01/06/04 Tue
Author: trish
Subject: Burner cover crafts

ok, I must have missed the post but what are burner cover crafts? also smartee pants? you all have spiked my interest.


[> Re: Burner cover crafts -- trish, 11:51:31 01/08/04 Thu [1]

Thank you all for the info, the covers are just toooooooo cute! now i have to make a trip to the $$ store. what type of paint is best on these?

[> Re: Burner cover crafts -- Deborah the bzybee, 13:57:28 01/08/04 Thu [1]

I spray mine with any spray paint first. then paint the faces on---mind you mine are nto near this detailed but they always sell!

[> Re: Burner cover crafts -- Simone Proulx, 18:09:32 01/15/04 Thu [1]

I was just wondering if you took some cookies sheets, primed them then paint whatever you want on them, could they not be used for the oblong burner covers?? Any ideas?

[> Re: Burner cover crafts -- gingergirl, 14:54:31 01/08/04 Thu [1] you use just a bit of sanding or do you prim paint them then use your spray paint color? Do you seal yours?

[> [> Re: Burner cover crafts -- Deborah the bzybee, 16:30:44 01/09/04 Fri [1]

We jsut sand a bit to rough them up. Then spray-1-2 coats on them. More if needed to cover up the design already on them. I paint the faces on them then clear spray then do the details, outlining with a sharpie. No matter what type of spray we used it would make the sharpie run if we sprayed after the sharpie. These have not had any problems so far with durability---but need to be just wiped off not a dishwasher!

[> Re: Burner cover crafts -- Dianenanato4, 15:13:55 01/08/04 Thu [1]

These would be good to paint on and be a bit different, too. I could not use these because my burners are not lined up like that. They are staggered on the stove top. DianeNanato4

This is the site where I saw them.

Oblong Burner Covers

[> Re: Burner cover crafts -- Babs, 21:50:32 01/06/04 Tue [1]

Hi Trish I'm with you What are buner cover crafts If you find out let me know I did crafts never heard of it.Babs

[> Re: Burner cover crafts -- gingergirl, 08:16:23 01/07/04 Wed [1]

I know a lot of folks sell them on ebay hand painted...I bought 2 sets in a prim/folk art style...they are beautiful.
That is the only crafting of burner covers I know about can't wait to see if someone will tell us what they are up to.

[> Re: Burner cover crafts -- Deborah the bzybee, 15:03:05 01/07/04 Wed [1]

ssshhhhh it is a secret! LOL not really! I just took dollar store metal burner covers and sanded them and base coated them with spray paint and then painted snowman or gingerbread faces on them! I sell them for $8.95 a set

[> Re: Burner cover crafts -- Diane from Homespun Blessings, 16:28:30 01/07/04 Wed [1]

Smartie pants are pretty easy. You cut a Pants shape from fabric (I always make sure the "ankle" parts are on a fold of fabric.). I just guess at the size & leg holes.

You can hot glue the 'seams', but I prefer to sew them. I never have luck w/ the glue holding.

some people put a little hang tag from ribbon in the corner. I do that at Christmas time. In addition, I also try to decorate the pants, with a little ribbon belt, or a flower, a ribbon halloween, I glued the bat or the spider from the cheapie plastic rings.

stick a roll of SMARTIES candy in each leg.

the real catch, though, is the poem you write to go with them. the idea is that the receiver is a "smartie pants".

I think if you go to shirley's site you'll find poems there.

[> [> Re: Burner cover crafts -- melinda, 15:07:44 01/15/04 Thu [1]

What are the smartie pants you are speaking of? I have missed something somewhere. I would love to see this or hear more about it. Please email me with the details. This sounds too cute and might be a good idea for Valentines. Do you remember which poem it was under at
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