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Idea/Link/Poem: Kitchen Helper

Postby krafteekaren » Fri Jul 02, 2004 10:58 pm

Date Posted: 21:50:59 06/15/04 Tue
Author: ShirleyT
Subject: Kitchen Helper

Laura sent me this link and note since she was getting the Internal Error message. I can't find the post that it pertains to so I'll post here. I know you're going to love it! Here's her message too.

"I wanted to share my latest craft, she may be old but she's new to me. I thought it would be cute to add to a house warming gift or welcome to the neighborhood basket..."

Laura, My e-mail is giving me fits and I can't send out so I'll mention here that sometimes you can start a new message and post when you get that message. It's really strange... when that happens it usually is just on a certain message and just for that person! Others can post to that message but may not be able to post to another one. Fortunately it isn't too often!

Thanks for the link. She is adorable!


[> Re: Kitchen Helper -- miel, 23:19:50 06/15/04 Tue [1]

She is cut, nice Idea for when you go to a friends, as a gift.

[> Re: Kitchen Helper -- KrafteeKaren, 23:39:34 06/15/04 Tue [1]

Oh how cute and adorable.
Shirley I had the same problem last night as computer and it worked, not sure why but it worked.

[> Re: Kitchen Helper -- Lilpeach, 00:42:31 06/16/04 Wed [1]

What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing it with us.

[> Re: Kitchen Helper -- JudyW, 08:51:04 06/16/04 Wed [1]

This is the cutest idea!
I was wondering if you hotglued all the stuff on will it peel off easily? (The glue I mean)
Also does anyone have any face graphics I can use cause I can't draw a fly, LOL

[> Re: Kitchen Helper -- Bar Bar, 02:49:48 06/17/04 Thu [1]

very cute, but when it comes to drawing faces or anything no matter what it is I just ruin it... LOL... I wasn't in line to get the talent of drawing .... except for dooling. LOL
but that was cute. thanks for showing it.

[> Re: Kitchen Helper -- Linda Ohio now GA, 13:48:46 06/17/04 Thu [1]

What a cute idea for a housewarming or hostess gift or even a bridal shower.

If you gals can hang on until late summer/early fall, my "Book of Faces" will be done and Shirley will announce when it is ready. Faces are always hard for most people.

Date Posted: 09:36:25 06/16/04 Wed
Author: JudyW
Subject: Kitchen Helper ??s

I really like this cute little lady!!
I was wondering if anyone had ideas on a Christmas poem to go with her. I am going to make her for my sisterinlaws for Christmas using christmas towels


[> Re: Kitchen Helper ??s -- judi, 10:17:24 06/16/04 Wed [1]

Somehow I must have missed this post. What is a kitchen helper and how do you make it (if it's something you make) Thanks!

[> Re: Kitchen Helper ??s -- jenjoy, 15:42:54 06/16/04 Wed [1]

Hey, this is a very cute idea! Gosh...I'm amazed at how clever some of you are! Anyway, I re-worked the original poem and meant to only change two lines to fit a Christmas gift but then ended up revamping more then intended...I also added a shorter, different poem of my own below...please show us your little lady after you make her!

This special little lady
Has come along your way,
To help you have a very,
Merry Christmas day!
She'll help to wash your dishes
And even dry them too,
Next she'll scrub the pots and pans
Quite willingly for you!
She can clean your windows
With a lot of skill,
Along with that she'll even
Wipe up every spill!!!
So have a Merry Christmas
With this little dear
I hope she serves to bring you
A season of Good cheer
(reworded/and additions by: Jennifer Byerly)

This special Kitchen helper
Will help you with the dishes
All the while spreading
Joy and Christmas wishes
She's also standing ready
To wipe up all your spills
Be sure to keep her nearby
As you serve your holiday meals
(by: Jennifer Byerly)

[> Re: Kitchen Helper ??s -- JudyW, 15:56:45 06/16/04 Wed [1]

Thank you so much Jenjoy your poem is great.I will post a pic of the little lady as soon as I get her finished.I thought since you put the word Joy in the poem, I would put her along side a bottle of Joy Liquid in a pretty decorated basket or maybe a small bucket
Again Thanks alot.

[> Re: Kitchen Helper ??s -- JudyW, 16:00:08 06/16/04 Wed [1]

If you look under the post of ShirleyT's Kitchen Helper, she has a link to her.She is so cute.
Hope this helps
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Mar 10, 2006 6:10 pm

Kitchen Helper Poem

Date Posted: 14:33:38 03/01/06 Wed
Author: betty
Subject: need some help

I am making some kitchen helpers, would someone be so kind as make one for me a tag ... about 4x4 with this saying on it.
any color or pattern you choose will be just fine... and Thank you in advance..........

Kitchen Helper
This lady has come your way
To help you have a happy day!
She'll wash your dishes and dry them too,
And scrub the pots and pans for you!
She'll clean the windows with skill.
And wipe up every little spill!!!
Author Unknown

thank you
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