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Kitchen Craft Ideas & Links

Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Aug 27, 2004 4:57 pm

Date Posted: 21:36:57 08/16/04 Mon
Author: Sue, Tx
Subject: ISO Kitchen Craft Ideas Sites

Could use some help finding some sites. I have the dishtowel angels, oven door dress but need some others. I was going to do wooden spoons but they won't fit in a priority box. Any help would be appreciated.

[> Re: ISO Kitchen Craft Ideas Sites -- HDMac, 22:08:07 08/16/04 Mon [1]
LOL... I HAVE To laugh, Sue..... because ME TOO! LOL.. I am racking my brain.... trying to think.. I have my recipe part covered.. but trying to think of a cute, creative kitchen craft that will work... I had thought of the dishtowel angels too .. but was thinking they might be too big too! LOL.. what WILL we do? Glad to know that someone else is wondering too! Good luck and if I find a site, I will share it too! :)

[> Re: ISO Kitchen Craft Ideas Sites -- Lori Jean, 22:27:28 08/16/04 Mon [1]
These Kitchen Craft links might help you:

(For the craft below, you could also make a doily into a napkin holder!) ... tree.shtml ... 23,00.html ... crow.shtml ... le&sid=635 ... ngel.shtml ... 82,00.html ... PID=965038 ... avHardware

Lori Jean :^)

[> Re: ISO Kitchen Craft Ideas Sites -- Sue, Tx, 23:28:56 08/16/04 Mon [1]
Thank you so much Lori Jean. I started to email you and ask because I figured if anyone would know you would. Your an angel when it comes to finding sites for us. I'll check these out and surely I'll find something. I can
save the spoons I had started for X-Mas presents.
LOL and Hugs,

I know, We're in the same boat. My brain just went dead and I couldn't think of anything. Now, we surely can find something. Have to hurry and get started. It always bugs me till I decide what to do. I didn't realize with kitchen crafts it has to fit in that little box. So, here we go.
Good Luck and Happy Crafting.

[> Re: ISO Kitchen Craft Ideas Sites -- HDMac`, 00:04:55 08/17/04 Tue [1]
Thank you Lori Jean...
Sue, good luck to you too. These swaps are always such fun. :) Looking forward to seeing what you decide on and on sharing mine with you and others! :)

[> Re: ISO Kitchen Craft Ideas Sites -- snuffles, 23:28:57 08/17/04 Tue [1]
How about this for a idea?
I have put two dish towels, folded the long way, and tied the center together,,,ribbon thru the top and ribbon in two sections of the bottom and voila..a pair of britches. The cute saying that went with this was something to the effect, 'britches....pull the ribbons and you have a cloth to wipe your dishes...

Note: Two links provided were deleted since they are no longer valid.

[> Re: ISO Kitchen Craft Ideas Sites -- HDMac, 07:22:37 08/18/04 Wed [1]

Snuffles... That is a very cute idea..... It was one that I kicked around ... but decided on something different... I have added that to my Christmas list and to my hostess gift when we go to someone's home for dinner. :) :)

[> Re: ISO Kitchen Craft Ideas Sites -- Nancy K, 09:47:31 08/18/04 Wed [1]

scented hot pad/mug mat ... d-Hot-Pads

pot holders


oven mitt

beverage coasters

wine glass charms ... harms.html

other ideas
cross stitch bread basket cloth
dinner napkins
embrodiered dish towels
place mats
table cloth

[> Re: ISO Kitchen Craft Ideas Sites -- Sue, Tx, 16:41:28 08/18/04 Wed [1]
Hey Snuffles and Nancy, These are great sites too. Thank you for giving them to us. They will make great X-Mas gifts too. I love those little britches. Better get busy now making my projects and recipes. Have a great day and Happy Crafting.
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