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Kitchen Decor Craft Item Ideas

Postby angela » Sun Jan 31, 2010 6:42 pm

Date Posted: 11:32:09 01/10/10 Sun
Author: skippy
Subject: Looking for ideas again

I am looking for kitchen decor items. I already make the oven door dresses and bag sacs (plastic bag holders). I have the pattern for the crochet toppers for dish towels (don't knit)and the pattern for toppers made from the pot holders. Would love to have some new ideas. I have a couple of shows that are in country areas and have a lot of lady that love to cook.

Thanks in advance

Re: Looking for ideas again -- Doreen, 11:58:57 01/10/10 Sun [1]

What about the kitchen angel made with 2 dishcloths and a potholder for wings? I believe this is in the archives.

Re: Looking for ideas again -- Cathy in MT, 13:44:29 01/10/10 Sun [1]

potholders,potato bags, roll/bun bags

Re: Looking for ideas again -- Doreen, 14:06:10 01/10/10 Sun [1]

Check ... itchen.htm

I loved the beaded recipe saver on this site, I think I will try and make this. The decoupaged plates have always been a great favourite on my craft table and even a sellout at times : )

Re: Looking for ideas again -- skippy, 15:10:38 01/10/10 Sun [1]

I have also seen these used to hold unframed wallet size photos, they are really cute

Re: Looking for ideas again -- jazz, 08:12:04 01/11/10 Mon [1]

Great ideas, ladies. Here are some more - sorry I don't have links, as they are just things I remember seeing before.

Oven mitts - crochet or made from quilted fabric

napkin rings - there are a lot of ideas out there

recipe cards - tied in a bundle with raffia, etc.


spice trivet - made from coiled, stuffed fabric & spices that smell wonderful when a heated pan is set on it

casserole covers

aprons - adult size or small ones that fit over dish soap

scrubbies - plenty of patterns to crochet, etc.

dish cloths - knitted or crochet

sandwich bag - reusuable but don't remember where I saw it

lunch sacks

silverware holders - lots of patterns

tortilla warmers


Re: Looking for ideas again -- Huskerfan, 13:32:36 01/11/10 Mon [1]

I do sewing for other people and one year for Christmas I made the microwave potholders for them and they seemed to like them. My mom still has hers. I also quilted some regular potholders another year. pretty easy
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