Corn on cob bag

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Corn on cob bag

Postby angela » Sat Apr 16, 2011 3:23 pm

Date Posted: 23:15:18 03/24/11 Thu
Author: Laurel
Subject: OT Corn on cob bag

I saw a corn on the cob bag today that is made like the potato bags for the microwave. Has anyone used them? How long do you cook the corn in them? The photo showed 2 an/or 3 ears in it.

Re: OT Corn on cob bag -- Shirttails, 15:19:19 03/25/11 Fri [1]

The cooking time doesn't change for the microwave potatoes, so I bet the corn would take the same as you did before in the microwave. Every Microwave has different power so check your manual that came with it. ;

Re: OT Corn on cob bag -- Reta, 18:10:23 03/25/11 Fri [1]

I cook my corn in my potato bag around 7 mins. for two ears. I take the husk off and wrap in a wet paper towel. Hope this helps. Remember all microwaves vary in wattage so make sure you watch it the first time.

Re: OT Corn on cob bag -- Secret Sister, 20:53:19 03/25/11 Fri [1]

Hi Laurel
Hope you're having a good week. I only cook my ears in the microwave. I cut off the botton to the end of the ear, and a little off the top. I place them in the microwave still in the husk. My microwave is over 27 yrs old and is 700 watts. I cook the ears 3 minutes per ear. I put several in at a time. If you have a higher wattage it will take less time. The ears are hot and steamy when they come out, be careful when removing the husk. I use a clean kitchen towel. The silk comes off very easy this way. Are you going to grow some corn in your garden?
Have a good weekend.

Re: OT Corn on cob bag -- Laurel, 00:51:29 03/26/11 Sat [1]

It's so hard to even think about a garden yet. It's only 20 degrees in my backyard right now. But I would like to plant some corn. This whole thing started because I say a corn bag like the potatoe bag that people were making. There is even a bag for warming tortillas. You could even make a bag for warming dinner rolls. Just need to find the time to make them. LOL! Time is always the issue! LOL!

Re: OT Corn on cob bag -- Huskerfan, 12:46:57 03/27/11 Sun [1]

I have made the tortilla bag and potato bag but now I want the corn on the cob bag. Just wondering is it different than the tortilla bag?

Re: OT Corn on cob bag -- Laurel, 16:17:24 03/27/11 Sun [1]

The one that I saw was rectangular shared with a flap that came up over the one end.Photo on ... %20pattern

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