Advice about decoupaged jars and cans

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Advice about decoupaged jars and cans

Postby Caboobie » Thu Sep 23, 2004 5:32 pm

Date Posted: 14:38:08 09/10/04 Fri
Author: Joanne(NWCT)
Subject: ??about decoupaged jars and cans

I decoupage recycled spaghetti,mayo,jam,etc
jars and coffee cans. After I decoupage them I use a matte sealer to protect the decoupage work,can anyone tell me if this is food safe. If I not I can make banks out of them


[> Re: ??about decoupaged jars and cans -- fauxma, 02:10:21 09/11/04 Sat [1]

hiya kritternol... i used to use glue and water all the time too... i only became a mop n glo convert after i heard they can't get the stuff off of the floors... hehehe...

after that i just presumed it would be a much more durable finish... and it's made for floors that would be washed so i figured it was a perfect finish sealer for EVERYTHING...

hth... Annie

[> Re: ??about decoupaged jars and cans -- Laura, 13:00:53 09/11/04 Sat [1]

If I remember right, the mop and glo stuff is also what is used for polymer clay. Very durable finish.

[> Re: ??about decoupaged jars and cans -- lme, 14:53:50 09/11/04 Sat [1]

Just keep it away from ammonia

[> Re: ??about decoupaged jars and cans -- fauxma, 04:10:21 09/12/04 Sun [1]

ammonia? do tell us please... i don't wanna be blowing up the house... hehehe

[> Re: ??about decoupaged jars and cans -- kritterno1, 14:40:30 09/10/04 Fri [1]

I don't know. But I'd think they'd look nice just sitting on a shelf to hold little things. Love to see a picture. I've been experimenting with the glue4 & water mixture for practice.

[> Re: ??about decoupaged jars and cans -- msjunejoy, 15:52:08 09/10/04 Fri [1]

If the decoupage and sealer is on the outside, I don't think it would hurt anything on the inside. I did some similar to what you are talking about, in red hat and was just uploading pics getting ready to post them.

[> Re: ??about decoupaged jars and cans -- fauxma, 17:43:19 09/10/04 Fri [1]

i agree with msjunejoy..... if it's on the outside.. what's the worry.....

geesh... i've been purging all week and just got rid of a ton of em..... hehehe.. now i remember why i was keeping em.... lol...

still i go back to the mop and glo... sorry mod podge fans....

09/10/04 Fri [1]

I use glue & water. Is mop & glo the same result as mod podge?

[> Re: ??about decoupaged jars and cans -- Nancy K, 22:16:40 09/12/04 Sun [1]

wWhat about future floor wax? I thought it was acrylic floor wax that everybody was raving about awhile back because it was non yellowing. Never heard anything about mop and glo. Does it yellow?

[> Re: ??about decoupaged jars and cans -- fauxma, 22:45:10 09/12/04 Sun [1]

as far as i know mop n glo is non yellowing... same as future floor wax... not for certain though...

hear anything more about the ammonia ?

seems the posts are getting all out of order on this one too??????????? yikes

[> Re: ??about decoupaged jars and cans -- lme, 23:27:45 09/12/04 Sun [1]

I mentioned ammonia because ammonia is what you use to strip the acrylic floor finishes, like mop and glow and future.
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