Poem & Instructions: Napkin Nipper

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Poem & Instructions: Napkin Nipper

Postby debdaniell » Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:02 am

Date Posted: 16:47:01 02/19/04 Thu
Author: Ruby
Subject: How is it kept on

I just found the poem that goes with," I'm A NAPKIN NIPPER" I know you put it on one of those tiny clothes pins, but can't remember how you keep it attached to your dress or what ever you are wearing,it's to hold your table napkin so it won't fall off your lap,(not strong enough to hold any thing heavier than paper),Does any one know what i'm talking about????

Re: How is it kept on -- SallieAllie, 18:12:57 02/19/04 Thu [1]

I have made these, but the ones I make can hold any napkin, and actually hold it up so you don't get anything on the front of your clothes. I use the mini spring clothespins from Forster that come 24 in a pack. (They are about 1 3/4 inches long.)
I use the 1/4 inch ribbon measured to a comfortable length to go around the neck and down a bit to where you'd like your napkin to cover and then attach a clothespin to each end. Don't go too low, or you'll be sorry! (I'm speaking from personal experience and a stained blouse. LOL!), They are so easy to keep in your pocket or purse, and you just put it around your neck, clip on the napkin and eat hearty!
You can embellish them for gals or guys, and they work great! Everyone loves them!

Now thinking as I'm typing.......:-)
Maybe you could just glue a safety pin onto the back of a clothespin, and those who wanted to keep the napkin on their lap could just pin it in on their clothing and clip the napkin that way.

I've never seen a poem for them. Ruby, would you please share the one you have? Thanks so much!

Re: How is it kept on -- fauxma, 18:19:37 02/19/04 Thu [1]

oh oh.... i must be having sometimers disease... i don't remember that one either.... sure it was on this board? if not..... please share.... sounds totally awesome.... thanks in advance from me too.......

Re: How is it kept on -- Connie, 19:59:51 02/19/04 Thu [1]

I love this idea!! My napkin always seems to fall on the floor sometime during dinner!! LOL Lets investigate this some more with the poems and anything else associated with the idea the more heads involved the better the thoughts I find. I love this board and all the ideas I am finding here, what a wonderful bunch of friends I have found here. I Can't wait each day to come visit the board and all the new ideas thanks everyone.

Re: How is it kept on -- Ruby, 20:01:52 02/19/04 Thu [1]

I have to say once again it was a long time ago that I made these ,guess I had a brain freze as I couldn't remember how it was done but here goes w.the poem

When you go out to eat,
Does your napkin slide to your feet?
Here's the answer to your prayer,
Now you can eat with out a care,
Just nip your napkin to your dress,
And you will eat with out distress.

I have no idea where it originally came from.
Sallie ,were your clothes pins wooden or plastic ? I made them w/wooden ones & painted them.

Re: How is it kept on -- SallieAllie, 23:30:22 02/19/04 Thu [1]

Ruby, mine are wooden, too.
I paint some and leave some "natural" or stain them, and add hearts, buttons, etc to jazz them up a bit.
They're a lot of fun to make AND to wear!
Thanks so much for the cute poem!
It will be great to have a little "explanation" to go with.

WoW! This board is wonderful!
Everyone is so friendly!
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