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Table Favor Gift Ideas

Postby crafterwannabe » Thu May 11, 2017 11:44 pm

Date Posted: 20:56:11 10/17/15 Sat
Author: Addy
Subject: Need table favor type gifts

On October 31 I have a meeting & dinner for 25 people, mostly women. I was hoping someone could help me with ideas for small gifts. It doesn't have to be fall or halloween theme.
Thanks for any help.

[> Re: Need table favor type gifts -- garnet, 13:05:18 10/18/15 Sun [1]

I'm going to be making Lori Jean's butterflies for Christmas tree ornaments. They can also be used on a vase or for a gift wrap decoration. The 2 1/2" wire edge ribbon may be included in the Halloween clearance at Michael's this week or look for a coupon. And Holiday ribbon is now in the craft stores.

For favors, put each butterfly in a reclosable bag because the glitter might come off a little bit. Also measure the bag to make sure you cut the ribbon to a length that will fit in the bag.

If you want a showy package, get the 72" white felt yardage at Joann with a coupon. Cut to bag size squares and your butterfly will look nice on that and not shift but stay in a stable position in the bag.

That's what I did for the wire ribbon angels I made for gifts and craft fairs. Made the product package look professional. Yes, the angels were another craft idea from Lori Jean and Crafterwannabe.

Tip for cutting wire edge ribbon. I use wire cutters for the edge and an older pair of scissors to cut the rest of the way through the ribbon.

Take a look here

[> Re: Need table favor type gifts -- SueZQ, 18:21:20 10/18/15 Sun [1]

How about these Hershey nugget purses? What woman wouldn't want a purse full of chocolate? If you have men, leave off the handle and use print paper more fitting for the guys. I use print paper and then you don't need to cut another paper strip. If you want add a little button, sticker flower or tiny bow for trim. ... rial.html/

[> Re: Need table favor type gifts -- garnet, 20:27:46 10/18/15 Sun [1]

Are favors supposed to be candy?

[> Re: Need table favor type gifts -- Addy, 21:26:18 10/19/15 Mon [1]

Thanks for your ideas ladies. I havent looked them up yet.
No the favors do not have to be candy.
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