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Postby Wilma » Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:31 am

Date Posted: 23:02:26 01/07/12 Sat
Author: Kay(PA)
Subject: Looking for blogs
Hi Ladies,

I know I've seen some posts that take us to some blogs. Unfortunately I haven't bookmarked them. I also know you cannot post your own blog on here. I do not have a blog, but enjoy looking at them.
Can I ask you to post your favorite blogs so I can check them out. I'm interested in ones that have craft ideas, recipes and scrapbooking ideas.
Thanks, Kay(PA)

[> Re: Looking for blogs -- SueZQ, 23:19:19 01/07/12 Sat [1]

Here's one list that I think will keep you busy for a while:

I've had this in my favorites for a while so they might not all be current, but with over 400 pages of them, I'm pretty sure you'll find something you like.

[> Re: Looking for blogs -- Kay(PA), 15:12:54 01/08/12 Sun [1]

Wow. Sue thank you so much. This will keep me busy.

Thanks for sharing.
Kay (PA)

[> Re: Looking for blogs -- bonniek, 16:22:22 01/08/12 Sun [1]

Here are a few I like. One way to find blogs is to look at the comments on blog postings that you like. Often the comment-er (person who posted the comment) includes a link to their blog. If you like the same blog you may also like his or hers too!

[> Re: Looking for blogs -- Patty, 16:44:56 01/08/12 Sun [1]

Friends from Craftsayings that I have saved.

Lori Jean's

[> Re: Looking for blogs -- Patty, 16:47:55 01/08/12 Sun [1]
You can find more from Craftsayings friends at this link from the archives.


[> Re: Looking for blogs -- Kay(PA), 11:27:48 01/09/12 Mon [1]

Thank you so much for the suggestions and links. I'll check them out and this time bookmark the ones I like.
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