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Prayer Theme Sayings

Postby angela » Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:29 pm

Date Posted: 11:40:03 07/13/11 Wed
Author: Taerie
Subject: poem/saying needed

My sister got new wooden stairs which lead up to the second floor. We wants me to use my cricut to cut out vinyl words to put on them. I was wondering if one of the poets could come up with words that would spell her name PAMELA. P on the first step, A on the second, etc. I was hoping the P could be Prayer. Can anyone think of something??

[> Re: poem/saying needed -- penny, 16:03:26 07/13/11 Wed [1]

I not a poet but here is my try...


[> Re: poem/saying needed -- SueZQ, 22:18:04 07/13/11 Wed [1]

I had to take a stab at this too:

Prayers Amid My Everyday Life Abound

Prayer And Music Embellish Life Anytime

Prayers Allow My Everyday Life's Accomplishments

Prayers Accompany Many Everyday Little Accomplishments

This is a great idea and a fun new challenge. ÜÜÜÜÜ

[> Re: poem/saying needed -- Taerie, 23:37:53 07/14/11 Thu [1]

Thanks to both of you. The nice part about vinyl is that the words can easily and quickly be changed.
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