Sayings to Give Away School Supplies

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Sayings to Give Away School Supplies

Postby Alma » Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:58 pm

Date Posted: 12:07:12 07/23/11 Sat
Author: brenda
Subject: need help with a saying for a radio add

my daughter is doing a pitch for our radio station to help give away school supplys, so she needs some saying
like- are you smater than a fifth grader, that we can use on the station , please HELP, Thanks brnda.....


[> Re: need help with a saying for a radio add -- SueZQ, 23:29:01 07/23/11 Sat [1]

Here are my attempts:

A backpack without school supplies is a terrible thing to waste.

Pens and notebooks and colors. Oh my!

The saddest thing in the world to see is an empty backpack on the first day of school.

An empty backpack is like an empty brain. It needs to be filled up to function well.

I hope this might give you a place to start from. Good luck with your promotion. It is a worthy cause indeed.
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