How To Be Happy - The 5 Rules

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How To Be Happy - The 5 Rules

Postby angela » Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:02 am

Date Posted: 19:03:45 01/10/12 Tue
Author: Amber loves frogs
Subject: Need poems and Ideas please

Hey Ladies, My boss Rita was in a very bad car wreck last week. Very lucky lady and gd to be with us today. Gdau wasnt hurt at all. Please add her to your prayer list. When Rita leaves the hosiptal she will be going to a rehab. center for a while. I am wanting to make her a scrapbook to look thur while she is there. I would like to have some poems for her in there. She told her sister that angels were w her.
I would like to have her name into a poem...
Angel But was thinking you guys could do better than mom and I.

Then I would like to have a poem for her about believing in me She hired me at her store when I turn 16 and have been w her since. 19 now. I feel like she has helped me grow to be who I am today.
Any poems or saying or ideas would really help me out.

Thanks alot in advance

Re: Need poems and Ideas please -- bonniek, 00:27:49 01/11/12 Wed [1]

Just thinking here, I'm glad to see you posting Amber! You must be busy these days! Anyways, I like this saying a lot, so maybe you should add 5a. Have a wonderful boss like Rita!

How To Be Happy 5 Rules

1. Free Your heart from hatred.

2. Free Your Mind from worries.

3. Live Simply.

4. Give More.

5. Be Present.
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