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Sayings for Cancer Mint Books

Postby Alma » Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:57 pm

Date Posted: 07:56:39 04/27/12 Fri
Author: bwacky
Subject: mintbook help

I want to make some mintbooks for my daughter for her Relay for Life cancer fundraiser.

Could anyone help with some words to put on the mintbook? I thought of maybe using the word encouragemint but I don't know what else to put with it.

Does anyone have any other ideas using the word mint so they know what's inside the package.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me.


[> Re: mintbook help -- Annie~B, 10:00:43 04/27/12 Fri [1]

Mint to Win!

[> Re: mintbook help -- SueZQ, 11:59:27 04/27/12 Fri [1]

Can you use any of these?

We are all "mint" to be survivors.
Com"mint"ed to defeating cancer.
Com"mint"ed to finding a cure.
Com"mint"ed to the cause.
Walking toward a cancer-free environ"mint".
Colored ribbons are not an adorn"mint", they are a state"mint".

[> Re: mintbook help -- bwacky, 19:34:31 04/27/12 Fri [1]

Thank you ladies so much!
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