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Gift Ideas with Sayings

Postby Alma » Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:51 am

Date Posted: 17:16:40 09/27/13 Fri
Author: cathy in az

IM LOOKING FOR a gift i can make for each of my
TOPS members who belong to our weight loss group.

there are 12 of us and this is our first full year
as a chapter and wanted to make each of them a gift from
me... does anyone have any ideas ???


[> Re: GIFT IDEAS NEEDED! -- Blazer(Darlene P.), 21:24:31 09/27/13 Fri [1]

Would there be a Log or Chart something related to your weight loss program you could personlize as a gift.

[> Re: GIFT IDEAS NEEDED! -- Linda Ohio now GA, 22:06:01 09/27/13 Fri [1]

How about a pretty nail file and little tag: For when you have a ROUGH day.

Or a small bottle of Elmers glue..."We've all stuck together for a whole year. Let's continue to stick together."

[> Re: GIFT IDEAS NEEDED! -- Grumpygran (Australia), 01:34:11 09/28/13 Sat [1]

Love the nail file idea. Will make some up as novelty gifts on my market stall. Thank you.

[> Re: GIFT IDEAS NEEDED! -- cathy in az, 11:35:59 09/28/13 Sat [1]

ohhhhhhhh i love these ideas too...keep them coming..

[> Re: GIFT IDEAS NEEDED! -- wanda49, 20:17:26 09/29/13 Sun [1]

we had a group like this and i made up some candy bar wrappers that went something like"only in case of emergency .and every week if they still had them intact without being opened, they brought them back to our weekly meeting and we let everyone clap for them for still having them not opened, it was a lot of fun. and the one that had theirs the longest got a small reward. we had sure that they were glued very well so if they were opened you could tell it.

[> Re: GIFT IDEAS NEEDED! -- Rose in PA, 07:52:16 09/30/13 Mon [1]

How about a stick of gum with a tag, I will choose to eat healthy.

[> Re: GIFT IDEAS NEEDED! -- crafterwannabe, 09:31:30 09/30/13 Mon [1]

Here are some links from the archives - various ideas and poems for you to look through...








[> Re: GIFT IDEAS NEEDED! -- cathy in az, 10:43:41 09/30/13 Mon [1]

Thank you everyone i so am enjoying the great ideas..
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